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Top 10 Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week is a Freebie, so I am going to talk about all the sequels I can’t wait to read.

So many books left me hanging. I need the sequels. I need to find out what happens to my ships and see if any of my favorites made it. Here is the top 8 sequels I need right now, and a few I need to make time for. In no particular order…

The Remnant Chronicles

the beauty of darkness

The author left me hanging and the Lia hadn’t quite picked her one true love. Series books:

The Gold Seer Trilogy

like a river glorious

Walk on Earth a Stranger was amazing and had all the feels. I need the sequel right now! Series books:

The Illuminae Files


Illuminae was so unique and action packed. I also loved the formatting. I need Gemina (in hardcover, please). Series books:

Throne of Glass

empire of storms

I am excited about the next two books in this series. I’ll take the first one right now. Please and thank you! If history has taught us anything, it is that the next two books will be massive and epic. Series books:

Shattered Realms


Flamecaster is one of those stories that has everything I want in a fantasy. I can’t wait to read more! Series books:

Six of Crows

crooked kingdom

Six of Crows met and exceeded my expectations. I cannot wait for the sequel! Series books:

Harry Potter

harry potter and the cursed child

Anyone who reads YA has been waiting for this for years, probably. Of course, I can’t wait to devour it. Series books:

The Themis Files

waking gods

This had such imagination and I loved the concept. I can’t wait to see where the author goes with this. Series books:


Other sequels that are already out (that I probably own) that I haven’t read yet. I have to admit that I have a terrible habit of buying books and then not finding time to read them. It carries over into a lot of sequels. I pre-order books and then let them sit there.


So that’s my list of sequels I can’t wait for, and the ones I need to make times to read.

What sequels are you waiting for?

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