SEEKER (Seeker #1) by Arwen Elys Dayton

SEEKER (Seeker #1) by Arwen Elys DaytonSeeker by Arwen Elys Dayton
Published by Random House Children's Books on February 10th 2015
Pages: 448
Genres: Action & Adventure, Friendship, General, Science Fiction, Social Issues, Young Adult
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Quin Kincaid has been put through years of brutal training for what she thinks is the noble purpose of becoming a revered ‘Seeker’.

Only when it’s too late does she discover she will be using her new-found knowledge and training to become an assassin. Quin's new role will take her around the globe, from a remote estate in Scotland to a bustling, futuristic Hong Kong where the past she thought she had escaped will finally catch up with her. (from goodreads)

Reading time 2 mins

Oh my! This book is hard for me to rate. The beginning was a little confusing and then it got really good. Then I got lost. There were too many details and too much world building. I have no idea where this series is going. Then the last few chapters everything really came into focus.

The Good: I have to admit that I enjoyed much of this story. My favorite part of this story was the characters called the Dreads, that are sort of overseers of the Seeker training and the oath ceremony. They are really unique in their interactions with each other and their role in the world.  I grew pretty attached to the characters. Quim really grows a lot during this story and John becomes something I didn’t see coming. I loved learning about the weapons. We learn about them right along with the characters. The fighting scenes were well choreographed. The flashbacks were well placed in order to understand the characters motives. I especially loved the ending. The ending was a resolution, and a promise for the characters to carry on in their quests.

The bad: I know the point of a book in a series, especially the first book, is meant to hook the reader. There were a few points where I thought this book could have come to a conclusion, but the author was relentless in dragging out the story. We start off in Scotland, then to Hong Kong, then off to London. All of that travel and there is still another place they call There that the characters bounce to a few times. It was just a bit too much. The start in the Scotland countryside was perfect and should have been where this whole story took place, in my opinion. I grew frustrated reading about Quin and her forgetting and then remembering. John and his quest to right his name. Also, Shinobu’s interest in Quin was setting itself up for the typical love triangle.

Conclusion: I think this was a good first book in a series. Perhaps the next book will be calmer, or at least have less locations. I will be reading the sequel, no matter, because I want to see where the characters end up.

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About the Author

Arwen Elys Dayton spends months doing research for her stories. Her explorations have taken her around the world to places like the Great Pyramid (which she explored by a single fading flashlight when researching Resurrection), Hong Kong and its many islands, and lots of ruined castles in Scotland. She enjoys creating complete worlds inhabited by characters who charm, frustrate or inspire.

Arwen lives with her husband and their three children on the West Coast of the United States.

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  1. Cassi @ My Thoughts Literally
    February 10, 2015 at 2:01 pm - Reply

    Great review! I totally agree on how this was a hard one to review. This is a very long, very complicated book. It had so many very different things going on. I had very similar feelings.

    I didn’t mind the changing locales so much but I agree about how frustrating Quin was in Hong Kong when she forgot everything. It’s like she went through a devolution and became a totally different person. And I also loved the Dreads, especially the “Young Dread.”

    I’m interested to see what happens with the next book. I hope things start making more sense but it stays just as action-packed.
    Check Out Cassi @ My Thoughts Literally’s most recent post- Top Ten Tuesday: Thoughts on RomanceMy Profile

    • Karen Blue
      February 10, 2015 at 2:32 pm - Reply

      I agree. Her character did not need to forget everything to sort things out. I really liked learning about Maud. I think her and John might be a thing in the next book.

  2. Mari @The Sirenic Codex
    February 12, 2015 at 1:53 pm - Reply

    The confusing beginning seems to be the major issue everyone is facing. I do love the synopsis thought. I might give this one a go and see how it work out. I do love Scotland and assassins 🙂 Thanks for the review.
    Check Out Mari @The Sirenic Codex’s most recent post- Life of a Blogger: Awesome WebsitesMy Profile

    • Karen Blue
      February 12, 2015 at 3:50 pm - Reply

      I liked the beginning. I didn’t like when they started traveling around, but then traveling through time the book kind of needed different places. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Jessica @ Rabid Reads
    February 13, 2015 at 5:15 am - Reply

    WELP. You liked this a lot more than I did 😉 And thinking about it, that’s not too surprising, b/c you seem to like grittier things than I do, but MAN, I struggled with this one. I do agree that the Dreads were the best/most interesting part, but the overall situation and the decisions the characters made . . . too dark for me. But I’m glad you were able to enjoy it despite your issues.
    Check Out Jessica @ Rabid Reads’s most recent post- Review: Seraphina by Rachel HartmanMy Profile

    • Karen Blue
      February 13, 2015 at 8:55 am - Reply

      Thank you. I think it had potential. I could def see why some people didn’t like it. I do like books a bit more gritty.

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