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This week we are talking about the scariest moment of our lives.

I have a few, but my top on is:

  • When my water broke when I was 22 weeks pregnant. Actually, the moment the nurse confirmed it had broken. I was terrified.

That was my 4th child. I lost it when the nurse confirmed it was broken. I thought my baby was dead. I wept so hard. How to my 3 other children? The baby would still need to come out dead or alive and I was so scared. The doctor assured me the baby would be born within 72 hours. I would have been 23 weeks gestation and they didn’t consider a baby less than 24 week viable. He said I could hold my baby and take pictures if I wanted. When the nurse said that not all babies are born right away I focused on that and help out hope he would wait until 24 weeks to some. I was 24 weeks and 2 days gestation when he was born. Alive. He is 6 now.

Runner up scary moments:

Rappelling down a 4 story building, the first time.

The moment the bus stopped when I arrived at basic training and the drill sergeant started screaming at us to get off the fucking bus.


What was the scariest moment of your life?

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