Review: QUEEN OF BLOOD by Jill Myles

I haven't read a good vampire romance in a while. Queen of Blood was much better than I dared to hope. It was about a prince and a princess who must choose between their desires and their loyalty. I enjoyed the fact that these people come from very different backgrounds. Despite Seri being [...]

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Review: CROOKED LITTLE LIES by Barbara Taylor Sissel

This is one of those books that I think is difficult to review. I read it, I liked it, but it is difficult to rehash what exactly it was about Crooked Little Lies that caught my attention, or what made me enjoy it so much.  This book seemed to blur genres but it made for [...]

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Review: THE GOOD NEIGHBOR by A. J. Banner

This really fell short of physiological suspense. I was hoping for more oomph, but this book fell flat by chapter three for me. The Good Neighbor had a good premise, but the delivery was not so good. Sarah lives in a very nice neighborhood where everyone would want to live. Her husband, Johnny, owned the [...]

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NEVER SAID by Carol Lynch Williams

The book Never Said is about 17-year old fraternal twins, Sarah and Annie, who have drifted apart since their childhood. Annie was the family's stunning beauty since the first time she entered her first pageant when the girls were young, but now Annie is different then her once usually glamorous self. She has become a quiet [...]

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BEAUTIFUL GIRL by Fleur Philips

The book beautiful girl is about seventeen year old aspiring model and actress named Melanie. She hates her life of plastic, she hates how her mom has forced this way of life on her, she hates how her only friend (WHO IS A HORRIBLE PERSON) Clarissa treats her, and most of all she hates the [...]

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BEAR WITNESS by Melissa Clark

The book Bear Witness is an incredibly fast read. It is only 141 pages and I read it in one sitting. It only took me two-three hours of my life, and afterwards I felt like I had just been through a traumatic event. I felt like I needed a hug. Paige's friend Robin is kidnapped. [...]

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MAYBE IN ANOTHER LIFE by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Awwe! This story just made me so happy. I love the premise of Maybe in Another Life. I just want more books like this. I am so grateful to have read it, and so excited to tell you all about it! Hannah has no real direction in her life. At 29 she has lived all [...]

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This is the perfect summer read. Summer Secrets hits every aspect I love about women's fictions and even managed to shed light on the damage an alcoholic can do. This story captures the best and worst of it. Cat comes from a dark childhood. Growing up, she never felt love from her father, and her [...]

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I just finished reading Eight hundred Grapes. I found it hard to put down once I got to know everyone. There was much to love about this heartwarming story. Georgia just walked out on her dress fitting for her wedding. She found out her boyfriend has been harboring a secret and now she is not [...]

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WORTHY by Catherine Ryan Hyde

Worthy was such a simple heartwarming story. I am happy to report that no animals made me cry in the reading of this story. Worthy was a happy tale about second chances and family. Virginia is a waitress in a small town. She has fallen for a recently widowed single father. The night that he [...]

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