12 09, 2016

Review: NOT A DROP TO DRINK by Mindy McGinnis

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Review: NOT A DROP TO DRINK by Mindy McGinnisNot a Drop to Drink by Mindy McGinnis
Series: Not a Drop to Drink #1
Published by Harper Collins on September 24th 2013
Pages: 352
Genres: Young Adult Fiction, Action & Adventure, Survival Stories, Lifestyles, Country Life, Romance, General
Also by this author: The Female of the Species, A Madness So Discreet, This Darkness Mine
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Fans of classic frontier survival stories, as well as readers of dystopian literature, will enjoy this futuristic story where water is worth more than gold. New York Times bestselling author Michael Grant says Not a Drop to Drink is a debut "not to be missed." With evocative, spare language and incredible drama, danger, and romance, Mindy McGinnis depicts one girl's journey in a frontierlike world not so different from our own.

Teenage Lynn has been taught to defend her pond against every threat: drought, a snowless winter, coyotes, and most important, people looking for a drink. She makes sure anyone who comes near the pond leaves thirsty—or doesn't leave at all. Confident in her own abilities, Lynn has no use for the world beyond the nearby fields and forest. But when strangers appear, the mysterious footprints by the pond, nighttime threats, and gunshots make it all too clear Lynn has exactly what they want, and they won't stop until they get it. . . .

For more in this gritty world, join Lynn on an epic journey to find home in the companion novel, In a Handful of Dust.

I recently read Mindy McGinnis’ The Female of the Species. I liked the writing style so much that I went looking for more books from this author. Imagine my surprise when another book by this author, Not a Drop to Drink, is already sitting on my bookshelf! I picked up Not a Drop […]

10 04, 2015

ELLE by Emma Mars

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ELLE by Emma MarsElle by Emma Mars
Series: La trilogie Hotel #2
Also in this series: Hotelles
Published by Harper Collins on April 7th 2015
Pages: 448
Genres: Erotica, Fiction, General
Also by this author: Hotelles
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Emma Mars delivers the sexy, enticing sequel to her first novel Hotelles and follows the adventures of a young French woman as she continues her carnal education in a mysterious Parisian hotel.In a hotel room in Paris, a young woman named Elle experiences the most exquisite freedom and sensual pleasure she has ever known, thanks to Louie, the man who has conquered her completely. So many things in life have changed since they first met. Her engagement to Louie's deceptive brother, David, has been broken. Her mother has died. Yet Elle is wholly fulfilled with Louie, the master who heightens her senses and unleashes her deep, seductive power. In the alluring Hôtel des Charmes, Louie takes Elle beyond her wildest fantasies. Exploring the boudoirs devoted to other courtesans—Mademoiselle Josephine, Deschamps, Kitty Fisher, Cora Pearl, and Valtesse de La Bigne—Elle willingly opens herself further. In sublime self-abandonment she discovers absolute ecstasy, absolute sweetness, absolute desire. Then David unexpectedly returns, stirring up painful memories and threatening their bliss. Elle fears her education may soon be over. . . .She does not understand that it has only just begun.

Book two in the La trilogie Hotel series. Elle is like Nancy Drew meets erotica. Elle is really coming into her own in this book. Emma Mars knows how to write good erotica. I fell in love lust over this romantic pairing. **This review contains spoilers for Book 1, Hotelles.** This story begins at […]

8 04, 2015


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HOTELLES: A NOVEL by Emma MarsHotelles by Emma Mars
Series: La trilogie Hotel #1
Also in this series: Elle
Published by Harper Collins on April 8th 2014
Pages: 592
Genres: Erotica, Fiction, General, Literary, Romance
Also by this author: Elle
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Paris, a hotel room, the middle of the afternoon . . .So begins the story of Annabelle, a young escort in Paris who has accepted her final proposition before marrying the powerful and generous man of her dreams, media mogul David Barlet. But the mysterious handwritten notes she has been receiving—notes that detail personal fantasies no one could possibly know—don't prepare her for the fact that her new client is her fiancé's brother, Louie. Through visits to the Hotel des Charmes, where each chamber is dedicated to one of French history's great seductresses, Louie awakens Annabelle's body and her psyche, delivering her to heights of ecstasy and fits of passion. He pushes her beyond her limitations to tap into her deep seductive power—and she discovers that true freedom comes only when you fully surrender to desire. Funny, sensual, candid, and revealing, Hotelles is a titillating novel of mysteries and surprises by a radiant new voice.

This is a romance unlike anything I have ever imagined. Hotelles starts at the end, and then takes us to the beginning. This romance is full of ghosts and deceit and takes us through the Hotel des Charmes, where each room is dedicated to an infamous French seductress. Elle is fresh out of […]

5 03, 2015

RED QUEEN by Victoria Aveyard

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RED QUEEN by Victoria AveyardRed Queen by Victoria Aveyard
Series: Red Queen Trilogy #1
Published by Harper Collins on February 10th 2015
Pages: 400
Genres: Fantasy & Magic, Love & Romance, Royalty, Young Adult
Hardcover provided by My Wallet (purchased)

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Graceling meets The Selection in debut novelist Victoria Aveyard's sweeping tale of seventeen-year-old Mare, a common girl whose once-latent magical power draws her into the dangerous intrigue of the king's palace. Will her power save her or condemn her?

Mare Barrow's world is divided by blood—those with common, Red blood serve the Silver- blooded elite, who are gifted with superhuman abilities. Mare is a Red, scraping by as a thief in a poor, rural village, until a twist of fate throws her in front of the Silver court. Before the king, princes, and all the nobles, she discovers she has an ability of her own.

To cover up this impossibility, the king forces her to play the role of a lost Silver princess and betroths her to one of his own sons. As Mare is drawn further into the Silver world, she risks everything and uses her new position to help the Scarlet Guard—a growing Red rebellion—even as her heart tugs her in an impossible direction. One wrong move can lead to her death, but in the dangerous game she plays, the only certainty is betrayal.

I finally got to read Red Queen! Now that I have read this, I am glad I bought this. I read this whole book in about 5 hours. I could not put it down and was a bit sad when it ended. I was drawn in by; the awesome cover, the reviews I […]

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