Review: THE CRUEL PRINCE by Holly Black

In a word, THE CRUEL PRINCE was amazing. It is a rare that a well hyped book deserves it but this book really does. The main character of this book, Jude, is a girl who was stolen away into a land of fairies and magic. Her and her twin sister, Taryn, are just along for [...]

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Review: NOW IS EVERYTHING by Amy Giles

  I didn’t read the synopsis for this book. I have to admit I chose to read this based solely on the cover. NOW IS EVERYTHING is such an amazing story. It took me by surprise how much I grew to love and root for Hadley. Hadley is just a normal 17 year [...]

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DNF Round Up

Well, its that time again. Time for me to tell you all about the books lately that didn't make the cut. All of these books got DNF'd because I wasn't enjoying the reading. It's unfortunate, but it does happen. My apologies to the authors and publishers in advance.   DNF at 43% - [...]

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Review: THIS DARKNESS MINE by Mindy McGinnis

  Well THIS DARKNESS MINE is another dark book by Mindy McGinnis. I am not sure how she does it, but each book seems to getting darker. This story explores the life of a Sasha Stone as she becomes something else. Something much darker than anyone thought possible. Sasha Stone has her whole [...]

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Review: NYXIA by Scott Reintgen

NYXIA was such an awesome read! I should just say "GO READ THIS!' but I want to tell you why I loved it so much first. This story has space, adventure, danger, a cool substance called nyxia, romance, alliances and betrayals. I have to admit I really love science fiction. I think up until reading [...]

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Review: RELEASE by Patrick Ness

RELEASE is my first Patrick Ness book. I have been interested in reading his books for a while since they all seem to be so popular. I can see why since the subject matter conquered in this story is important. Combine that with his descriptive scene details, depth of characters, and easy to follow dialogue [...]

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Review: SHADOWCASTER by Cinda Williams Chima

This story is the second in the Shattered Realms trilogy. Although the writing is so good I could scarcely put it down, I felt like once again I was being introduced to new characters. We get snippets of Jenna and Ash, but they are not the point of this story. This story is mostly about [...]

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Review: DEAD GIRL’S SOCIETY by Michelle Krys

This was a fun thriller. I think this story was written at a great pace and had a cool concept. Some of it was really far fetched. I would sum this up as good, not great. First the good: I like Hope as a person. I love the idea of the society with all these [...]

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Review: AVENGED by E.E. Cooper

I didn't even realize this was a sequel. I mean, it seemed like there was a lot of questions for what happened to get these girls where they started. It still read like a good thriller. I am happy to report that I still enjoyed this book. So even though this isn't a stand-alone, I [...]

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Review: SPARE AND FOUND PARTS by Sarah Maria Griffin

This story was about a girl who wants to build herself a robot companion. In the far off future computers and technology are all gone. After some sort of virus/sickness, all of the computers were destroyed or disconnected. Nell is being raised by her crazy father, the inventor of so many artificial parts for humans. [...]

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