THE GIRL IN THE VELVET SWING is the historical/true crime story of Evelyn Nesbit, the world's first real supermodel and her involvement in the 'case of the century' involving her husband and the murder of her benefactor. You might recognize her image from historical pictures of beautiful women. Her story is anything [...]

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February Young Adult Releases (That I Probably Should Have Skipped)

These are going to be short reviews of some young adult February releases. I am still not sure I enjoyed these books quite as much as I hoped to. The thing is that I really enjoyed Wintersong. I couldn't wait for this book to be released. I so wanted to read more about [...]

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Review: AN AMERICAN MARRIAGE by Tayari Jones

An American marriage was an amazing story about a young newlywed couple just starting to live the American dream when the unthinkable happens. Roy and Celeste are deeply in love and out of town to visit family. When a woman staying at the hotel they are staying at is raped, she thinks Roy is the [...]

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Review: THE CRUEL PRINCE by Holly Black

In a word, THE CRUEL PRINCE was amazing. It is a rare that a well hyped book deserves it but this book really does. The main character of this book, Jude, is a girl who was stolen away into a land of fairies and magic. Her and her twin sister, Taryn, are just along for [...]

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Review: THE HAZEL WOOD by Melissa Albert

  Centered around a very rare story-book written by the grandmother of a girl named Alice, THE HAZEL WOOD was a fantastical story full of wonder and suspense. The book Althea Prosperine, Alice's grandmother, wrote is almost impossible to find. Despite that, Althea is hounded by crazed fans and lives a solitary life [...]

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Review: THE CHALK MAN by C.J. Tudor

  I honestly had no idea what this book might contain. I picked THE CHALK MAN solely based on it's cover, as usual. This story was surprising and kinda graphic. It was creepy in all the right ways. In the summer of 1986, 12 year old Eddie, and his four best friends, come [...]

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Review: A CONSPIRACY OF STARS by Olivia A. Cole

A CONSPIRACY OF STARS was a truly unique science fiction story that takes you on a dangerous adventure full of unique monsters, the price of scientific discoveries, and the value of friendship. This story explores the rights of indigenous inhabitants of a planet, political corruption, and the humane ways to study other species, all while [...]

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Review: THE GIRL IN THE TOWER by Katherine Arden

This is the second book in the Winternight Trilogy. THE GIRL IN THE TOWER is a great follow up to THE BEAR AND THE NIGHTINGALE. In only Vasya’s POV we get a glimpse into the myths and enchantments of Russian folklore. THE GIRL IN THE TOWER picks up as Vasya is cast out of her [...]

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Review: ANATOMY OF A SCANDAL by Sarah Vaughan

This story fits it’s title. ANATOMY OF A SCANDAL takes place in the UK. It is about a Junior Minister who is being accused of raping a young parliamentary researcher that he works closely with. This story includes points of view from the wife of the accused, the prosecutor of the accused, and the accused [...]

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Review: EVERLESS by Sara Holland

  EVERLESS was pretty amazing. I am always hoping to like a book. This book had me really excited just based on the cover. I am happy to report that the book was even better than the cover alluded. This science fiction fantasy book had action, romance, suspense, and a very likeable heroine. [...]

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