I read Rae Carson last year and was blown away by WALK ON EARTH A STRANGER. I purchased THE GIRL OF FIRE AND THORNS shortly afterwards because I planned on reading everything by this author. I will say that this story had a lot of potential and the second half was pretty addictive. Elisa was [...]

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Reviews: THE SEVEN REALMS by Cinda Williams Chima

I admit I read these books because of all the love I felt for FLAMECASTER and SHADOWCASTER. I know I kinda spoiled myself for this series. It turns out that it doesn't really matter. I fully enjoyed reading all the books in this series. I absolutely loved the world that the author has created and [...]

Reviews: THE RAVEN CYCLE by Maggie Stiefvater

People have been raving about THE RAVEN CYCLE series. I finally decided to pick it up and see what all the fuss was about. I am so lucky I got to read these back to back. I have included my honest thoughts on all the books in this series and some of my favorite video [...]

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Review: THE FORGETTING by Sharon Cameron

What if you were the only one who remembered what happened? That's the basic premise for THE FORGETTING by Sharon Cameron. The main character is a girl named Nadia who isn't afflicted by the the forgetting that happens every 12 years where she lives. In the last forgetting Nadia was 5, but she remembers the [...]

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Review: TIMEKEEPER by Tara Sim

TIMEKEEPER was such a magical read. This story is about a 17 year old clock mechanic named Danny. He is a bit young, but he is also really talented. Three years ago, Danny's father, also a clock mechanic, got caught in a town where time stopped. He hasn't see him since. Two years after that [...]

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Review: EMPIRE OF STORMS by Sarah J. Maas

What can I say about Empire of Storms other than it is the 693 page EPIC 5th book in the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas? I have thoughts now that I am done reading this. The bottom line for those of you that don't want all the fluff is that I loved [...]

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Review: A SHADOW BRIGHT AND BURNING by Jessica Cluess

This book was so fun! Jessica Cluess includes everything I love in a YA Fantasy in A SHADOW BRIGHT AND BURNING. Henrietta, (Nettie), is a teacher and a witch at a school for girls. Nettie just wants a safe life with her best friend Rook. When a sorcerer comes looking for a girl witch, Nettie [...]

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Review and Giveaway: LABYRINTH LOST by Zoraida Córdova

LABYRINTH LOST was such a fun story! First, I want to acknowledge a book with a bunch of diversity done right. There was a heroine not so sure of herself, a bad boy and a conflicting girl-crush all wrapped up in a fantastical adventure full of magic. This book had my attention right away with [...]

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Review: THREE DARK CROWNS by Kendare Blake

THREE DARK CROWNS was deliciously dark! This story is about triplet sisters, all with a different power, raised separately by the houses that hone that power. On the year of their sixteenth birthday, these three will face off and have a year to kill each other. The one left alive will inherit the crown. That's [...]

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Review: A TORCH AGAINST THE NIGHT by Sabaa Tahir

OMG! I was so anticipating this book. I got a signed copy at BEA this year. I couldn't wait to start reading this. AN EMBER IN THE ASHES was one of my favorite books of ever. This book features 3 POVS; Elias, Laia, and Helene. Review contains spoilers for book one -AN EMBER IN THE [...]

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