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I have been going back and forth with this. How to do you prefer to read reviews- one at a time, or a bunch at once?

How about similar books, should they be grouped together? Would you rather just read random recent reads? How about a series, would you rather read reviews for a whole series at once, or one at a time?

I like the idea of sending out a bunch of reviews at a time. I have a done a whole series at once and recent reads which were coincidentally similar books. I also like to give each book individual attention. If I was an author, I think I would want my book on it’s own and not in a list of similar books. As a blog reader, I do enjoy reading a few reviews at a time.

I just don’t know!

Reviewing one book at a time gives me more to post about. Am I being selfish when I have a few books reviewed but I space them out in separate posts? Does it matter how often you plan on posting. I know some greats bloggers who don’t post just reviews so of course they have more than one book to talk about. Some of you are writing a few reviews in one post, most bloggers I see are still writing one at a time. I like both styles to be honest, but I do think the books should be similar genres or at least have similar pub dates.

I have done a few reviews together, and I admit it doesn’t make things easier for me the reviewer. You would think that would solve the issue for me. Just do what is easier! But, no, I want to know what you think.

What say you?

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