Review: UNFORGIVABLE by Amy ReedUnforgivable by Amy Reed
Series: Invincible #2
Published by Katherine Tegen Books on May 3rd 2016
Pages: 272
Genres: Young Adult, Love & Romance, Social Themes, Death & Dying, Social Issues
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In this raw, gut-wrenching, and beautifully written sequel to Invincible, Marcus continues Evie’s story of their intense romance, a stunning conclusion to this contemporary duology perfect for fans of Gayle Forman and Sara Zarr.
Marcus knows pain. The kind that swallows you like a black hole. His brother committed suicide, his mother left him, and his dad ignores him inside their cavernous house. Relief seems to come only from drugs, alcohol, and secret acts of self-destruction.
Until he met Evie. Together, they lived in the moment. They fell in love—hard—creating their own beautiful world. But they each had their own secrets, their own pain.
Unforgivable takes off where Invincible ended—with Evie drowning in San Francisco Bay. Marcus finds her just in time, but her survival is not the happy ending he was hoping for. Forbidden from seeing Evie by her parents and unable to reach her, Marcus learns of a pain that might break him completely.
The pain of losing Evie becomes tangled with the loss of his mother and brother, and he must face the ghosts he has been trying so desperately to outrun, or risk losing Evie forever.

Reading time 2 mins

I have to admit right away that I didn’t read Invincible. The real issue now is “did I feel like I missed anything by not reading it?” Nope. I caught everything I needed to enjoy this story as a stand-alone.

I am not even going to try and re-cap this story. Every detail is a spoiler for this book or probably the first book in this series.

Things I loved about this story:

  • Marcus is a complex many faceted character. He might have a drug problem at the beginning of this story, but when we see the reasons he needs to escape reality drugs are actually the lesser of a few evils.
  • His relationship with his mother and father is complicated. (i would say parents, but they are separated so each relationship is complicated in it’s own way) They are present in this story and I loved their interactions.
  • Marcus is roaming aimlessly throughout much of this book. He gets motivated and then it falls apart for him. Nothing is an easy fix and that is so realistic. He felt like a real person to me.
  • Evie makes some tough choices in this story, but I am damn proud of her for it. Evie’s story is a whole ‘nother story (literally, see what I did there). The snippets we got of Evie’s story made me really curious about her as a person and as Marcus’s obsession.

This story covered some brutal topics like; death of a sibling, drug and alcohol abuse, suicide, racial prejudice, interracial love, divorce, and self mutilation. The author portrayed so many situations in this story with tack and truthfulness. The characters weren’t always right, but the situations were pretty realistic. I can hardly believe all the shit this kid Marcus loved through. The worst part of Marcus’s situation is losing Evie, who meant so much to him. Even after he learns the truth about her, he can hardly believe she doesn’t want to see him anymore. Evie has issues for sure, but they are so well matched.

I devoured this book in just a few sessions. I loved how the story is broke up into chapters titled: here (about Marcus right now), there (about things that happened in his past), and you (where he addresses his thoughts to Evie). This was a heavy and quick read. I actually want to go back and read Invincible now.

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About Amy Reed

2871046Amy Reed was born and raised in and around Seattle, where she attended a total of eight schools by the time she was eighteen. Constant moving taught her to be restless and being an only child made her imagination do funny things. After a brief stint at Reed College (no relation), she moved to San Francisco and spent the next several years serving coffee and getting into trouble. She eventually graduated from film school, promptly decided she wanted nothing to do with filmmaking, returned to her original and impractical love of writing, and earned her MFA from New College of California. Her short work has been published in journals such as Kitchen Sink, Contrary, and Fiction. Amy currently lives in Oakland with her husband and two cats, and has accepted that Northern California has replaced the Pacific Northwest as her home. She is no longer restless.

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