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I don’t know what I was expecting with this book. I picked it because I love the cover. Sometimes this method of picking a book works. This time it totally did. I really loved SPINDLE FIRE once I got into it.

This is the re-imagining of Sleeping Beauty and Alice in Wonderland, if Aurora had a half sister that would do anything to save her and Alice actually figured out how to make sense of her world. First there are half-sisters Aurora and Isabelle who have lost senses due to tithing of Fairies. Fairies exchange gifts for things. Beauty for voice in Aurora’s case, sight in Isabelle’s case although she gained nothing. Aurora was cursed on her name day and in order to help lessen the curse, sense of touch was tithed so that instead of dying on her 13th birthday, she would sleep if she touched a spindle.

Isabelle is the illegitimate daughter to the king, so when she comes of age she is suppose to be sent away. Instead of being sent away, she runs away with her best friend Gil. Aurora chases after her and finds a spindle in a cottage in the woods where she pricks her finger and wakes up in a strange place where she finds a hunter who tries to help her. Meanwhile Isabelle travels with Gil to find Aurora’s betrothed to have him lift the curse with a kiss.

There is so much going on in this this story it is hard to summarize it. I haven’t even touched on the fairy sisters Malfleur and Belcoeur, the fairies in this story that set the scene. Instead of having this review be a recap, I’ll just tell you that their story shapes what happens to these girls.

I admit I didn’t get into this book until chapter nine. That is a long time to get into a story, but it was so worth it. Chapter nine explains where the girls senses went, and who they went to. After that we alternate between Aurora, who is falling for her handsome hunter and trying to solve the mystery of the place she finds herself, and Isabelle, who looses Gil but finds the prince and finds she has feelings for him. That’s quite a pickle for those girls.

Did I mention that Isabelle is blind and travels a great distance for her sister? Although not having sight is well described and accounted for in this story. I think it helps that the author mentioned in her Acknowledgments that she had beta readers from a school for the visually impaired. Honestly I could almost forget that she is blind because she is so headstrong and capable with her other (normal not super human) abilities. She also has a boy problem in this story, in that loose Gil. Gil is best friend and the boy she thought she loved.

Aurora meanwhile is in her own little world where they are running out of food. This world is the work of the Night Fairie, Belcoeur. Sweet Belcoeur who is loosing her mind and so escapes to dreams where she feels safe. This dream is a world where Aurora and bunch of other are trapped. Aurora has to find a way to bring Belcoeur back and wake herself up before she kills everyone.

I have to admit that the problem with Malfleur and her plans to invade the kingdom didn’t concern me enough to really care why she would invade or what that might mean for Aurora’s kingdom. Malfleur is pure evil, so I am sure it will be bad. I just needed to see Aurora and Isabelle united so much. There sisterly bond is so heartwarming. I just want those two to find their happily ever after.

I definitely had some issues with this story, but for me the good outweighed the bad. I will definitely be reading the next book in this series.

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Review: SPINDLE FIRE by Lexa HillyerSpindle Fire by Lexa Hillyer
Series: Spindle Fire #1
Published by HarperCollins on April 11th 2017
Pages: 368
Genres: Young Adult Fiction, Fairy Tales & Folklore, Adaptations, Fantasy, General, Family, Siblings
eARC provided by HarperCollins

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“The writing is lovely, the sisters indomitable, and as the truths behind the faerie legends were revealed, I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough.”—Kendare Blake, author of New York Times bestselling novel Three Dark Crowns
Half sisters Isabelle and Aurora are polar opposites: Isabelle is the king’s headstrong illegitimate daughter, whose sight was tithed by faeries; Aurora, beautiful and sheltered, was tithed her sense of touch and voice on the same day. Despite their differences, the sisters have always been extremely close.
And then everything changes, with a single drop of Aurora’s blood, a Faerie Queen who is preparing for war, a strange and enchanting dream realm—and a sleep so deep it cannot be broken.
Perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas and Leigh Bardugo, Spindle Fire is a tour-de-force fantasy set in the dwindling, deliciously corrupt world of the fae and featuring two truly unforgettable heroines.

About Lexa Hillyer

I'm the author of Spindle Fire (coming April 2017 from Harper!), Proof of Forever, and the poetry collection Acquainted with the Cold, which won the 2012 Foreword Book of the Year Award's Gold Prize for Poetry. I'm also the co-founder of creative development company Paper Lantern Lit. My poetry was anthologized in Best New Poets 2012, and appears in several journals. I live in Carroll Gardens with my husband, daughter, and a very skinny orange tree.

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