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This is kinda funny but, I really thought this book would be about the end of the world. I thought it would have some sort of apocalyptic event in it. It turns out I was wrong. It wasn’t a total disappointment, but that was a big let down.

THE NEWS AT THE END OF THE WORLD takes place over 4 days. The story features a few different POVs. There is Vance who has lost his job, his fiancé, and his place to live. He moves in with his brother Craig. Craig is a in a bad place. His love life isn’t turning out how he hoped it would. Gina, Craig’s wife, is unhappy as well and considering adultery. Amanda is Craig’s daughter from his first marriage, just found out she is pregnant. Amanda is everything to Vance as his first niece. Amanda is set on what she wants to do, but her father has other ideas.

This is a story that moves slowly. It does a good job of captivating this family in crisis. There are secrets everyone keeps. Some secrets can’t be kept. This story belongs mostly to Vance and Amanda as they traverse this difficult time. Amanda has to make a big choice, but she needs to tell her father first. Vance is there for her when she needs to trust someone. Everyone here has something they are hiding and it almost destroys them.

I loved the setting for this story, Cape Cod off season. I think all of the characters brought something important to the story, It is hard for me to say whose story I enjoyed most, but the person I thought about most was Craig. Although he comes off as the bad guy, he has made some tough choices for his family. Of course, he is the last to know about his daughter. The issue of teen pregnancy is dealt with in a realistic manner. Craig’s reasons made the most sense to me, but Amanda chooses to go another way.

The problem I had with this story, other than the fact that there was no apocalypse, is that nothing much got resolved in this story. Amanda makes her choice, every has a reaction, and that’s it. We find out what happened to Gina, but Craig and Vance don’t get an ending. I was really interested in this book while reading it, but now I can’t put my finger on why. It wasn’t a bad story, it just wasn’t the most interesting family drama. This is a character driven book mostly, so folks that enjoy that will find themselves loving this.

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Review: THE NEWS AT THE END OF THE WORLD by Emily Jeanne MillerThe News from the End of the World by Emily Jeanne Miller
Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Trade & Reference Publishers on February 21, 2017
Pages: 288
Genres: Contemporary, Family, Fiction
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"A beautifully crafted, emotional portrait of a Cape Cod family whose teenage daughter may not be the only one out of options. The austere beauty of the off-season landscape seems to bring out hard truths and scour away secrets. I loved it." --Helen Simonson, author ofMajor Pettigrew's Last Stand andThe Summer Before the War
Vance Lake is broke, jobless, and recently dumped. When he takes refuge at his twin brother Craig's house on Cape Cod, he finds himself smack in the middle of a crisis that would test the bonds of even the most cohesive family, let alone the Lakes: seventeen-year-old Amanda is pregnant. Craig is heartbroken and full of rage, his exasperated wife, Gina, is on the brink of an affair, and Amanda is indignant, ashamed, and very, very scared.     Told in alternating points of view,The News from the End of the World follows one family into a crucible of pent-up resentments, old and new secrets, and memories long buried. Only by coming to terms with their pasts, both as individuals and together, do they stand a chance of emerging intact.

About Emily Jeanne Miller

Emily Jeanne Miller is the author of the novels BRAND NEW HUMAN BEING (HMH 2012) and THE NEWS FROM THE END OF THE WORLD (HMH 2017). She currently lives on Cape Cod with her husband, daughter and dog.

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