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Last year I read, and fell in love with, FLASHFALL. FLASHTIDE is the highly anticipated sequel, and final book in this duology. There were amazing things that happened in this book, and I have some small gripes I want to discuss. Overall, I really enjoyed this series and would recommend it to sci-fi fans.

FLASHTIDE takes place a couple of months after the first book. We are in a different place surrounded by a different type of people. Orion and Dram are living in the mountains with the conjis (conjurors). They are plotting and scheming, then the unthinkable happens. It forces Orion’s hand and this story to start moving at a much faster pace. Orion gleans a lot from these people and uses that knowledge as the story moves froward. Major things happen to both Orion and Dram as they are split up and face some serious obstacles. It doesn’t seem like a happy ending is in the cards for these two, or the people of this world.

It took me a while to get back into this story. I have to admit I wasn’t sure what was going on until Dram and Orion were separated. They are now on the other side of the flashfall. It is suppose to be where freedom is and a gateway to the free city. It turns out most of that was a lie. Not everyone living in the free city is free. Now that they have made it to the other side of the flashfall they are grouped with miners of a different sort. For a short time, this story turns into a competition for flash dust. You won’t believe how these people are mining it. It is even worse than on the other side of the flashfall.

They are both caught by horrible people who blindly follow orders. The conji they were just traveling with get it even worse then sub-pars do, which is what Dram and Orion are. This part of the story is pretty hopeless for our heroes. There doesn’t seem to be any way for them to get free and be together. Then to make it even worse, Dram ends up in a horrible situation. I can’t say more about that without spoilers but trust me, you will know when you get there.

The romance gets even better in this story. Even though Orion and Dram were separated for some of this story, it feels like they were so much more serious about each other. Things happen in this story that test how serious Dram and Orion are about each other. This is a love they are both willing to fight and die for. There is plenty of action, like in the first book, but the stakes are even higher. The radium on this planet is still a real threat and the story never lets us forget that living on this planet will actually kill you.

This book was not as good as the first in the series. That’s really unfortunate because I had high hopes for this story. There were definite time jumps in this story. In reading the first one, I thought it was just me reading at a furious pace but no, there are huge gaps of time happening. This book/series could have been longer if the author had spelled out some of those gaps for us. I think they would have been worth reading. In one part of this story, I remember Orion was tortured and the who thing is glazed over, almost as if Orion doesn’t want to talk about it. Orion is telling this story, as it is only in her POV, so maybe that is what the author tried to convey. I am not sure.

This was still a really good story. The writing is really descriptive and there was a lot of emotion that I could feel coming from all the characters. I think you would have to read book one in order to understand this world as it isn’t well explained in this story. For those of us who have read the first book, this story explores more of what is happening on the other side of the flashfall and how deep the corruption of this planet goes. I just wish there weren’t any time jumps. I would still totally recommend this series to YA sci-fi fans. This series is wholly original, its action packed, and the characters are pretty amazing.

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Review: FLASHTIDE by Jenny MoyerFlashtide by Jenny Moyer
Series: Flashfall #2
Also in this series: Flashfall
Published by Henry Holt and Company (BYR) on November 14th 2017
Pages: 368
Genres: Young Adult Fiction, Action & Adventure, General, Survival Stories, Dystopian, Science Fiction
Also by this author: Flashfall
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Orion has survived the tunnels of Outpost Five, filled with mutant creatures and dangers around every bend. She has traversed the cordons, exposed to the radiation of the flash curtain and hunted by forces that want her stopped, dead or alive. Now, with Dram by her side, she has made it to the safety of the mountain provinces, where free Conjurors live and practice their craft of manipulating matter.
But Orion's story is far from over.
With the effects of the flashfall spreading and the might of the protected city of Alara looming, Orion must travel into the hands of her enemies once again. Heart-pounding action and adventure await in Flashtide, Jenny Moyer's thrilling follow up to Flashfall.

About Jenny Moyer

Jenny Moyer is the author of the young adult sci-fi/fantasy FLASHFALL, publishing from Henry Holt/Macmillan 11-15-16. She lives with her filmmaker husband and their three boys in Des Moines, Iowa.


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  1. Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer November 23, 2017 at 1:53 pm - Reply

    Oh this looks good, and I confess both book and author are new to me. I will check out book one, and love that its a duology.
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    • Karen Blue
      November 24, 2017 at 12:13 pm - Reply

      I think 2 books is the perfect number for a series. This could definitely have been longer though. Thanks for checking out my review!

  2. November 24, 2017 at 7:43 am - Reply

    Very good article. I am going through some of these issues as well..
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