Review: ONLY DAUGHTER by Anna SnoekstraOnly Daughter by Anna Snoekstra
Published by Mira Books on October 1st 2016
Pages: 400
Genres: Fiction, Thrillers, Psychological, Suspense, Crime, General
ARC provided by BEA 2016, Harlequin

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In this chilling psychological thriller, one woman's dark past becomes another's deadly future 
In 2003, sixteen-year-old Rebecca Winter disappeared.  
She'd been enjoying her summer break: working at a fast-food restaurant, crushing on an older boy and shoplifting with her best friend. Mysteriously ominous things began to happen—a presence in her room at night, periods of blackouts, a feeling of being watched—though Bec remained oblivious of what was to come.  
Eleven years later she is replaced. 
A young woman, desperate after being arrested, claims to be the decade-missing Bec.  
Soon the impostor is living Bec's life. Sleeping in her bed. Hugging her mother and father. Learning her best friends' names. Playing with her little brothers. 
But Bec's welcoming family and enthusiastic friends are not quite as they seem. As the impostor dodges the detective investigating her case, she begins to delve into the life of the real Bec Winter—and soon realizes that whoever took Bec is still at large, and that she is in imminent danger.

Reading time 2 mins

I wasn’t sure about this book. The main character was wholly unlikable for me until about almost half way through the story. The main character is telling a major lie, she pretends to be a girl who went missing 11 years ago. The thing that kills me about this story is that there was a girl, who may be dead somewhere, and a family torn up by grief who open their hearts to a girl who is consciously telling a lie. The more she tries to fit into Bec’s life, the more she realizes that there was more to this girl then just what the press learned about her. Bec had secrets of her own and those secrets might end up killing her.

This story had so many surprises for me. I have to admit I was bored thinking that I knew what happened to the original Bec. I was so wrong as this author went a completely new direction with this mystery. The story is told in alternate timelines from Bec before she was taken and the girl 11 years later trying to pretend she is Bec. I liked learning about Bec, although some it felt useless since new Bec never learns the real story of what happened or why. I really grew to like her as a teenager. Bec has a lot of typical teenage stuff going on and some weird twisted shit that no one should have to deal with. New Bec is just a cunning liar thrust into Bec’s life. She has no idea how bad a life for a girl can be.

I was a bit horrified reading this book. Especially the last few chapters were really hard to stomach. Bec is such a typical girl, but there is something she feels is paranormal happening to her. I was a little thrown off by this but when I imagine a 16 year old girl, of course it makes sense. There is a really creepy element to this story, even without the paranormal scares. The big questions throughout this story is what happened to Bec and will the imposter get away with being Bec? I didn’t know what to hope for.

I think this is a pretty good story. The imposter was a pretty flat character but Bec’s life was entertaining and mysterious. I had more questions then answers about why someone would want to impersonate Bec. I would recommend this to fans of psychological suspense with a little disclaimer that not all questions will be answered.

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About Anna Snoekstra

Anna Snoekstra was born in Canberra, Australia to two civil servants. At the age of seventeen she decided to avoid a full time job and a steady wage to move to Melbourne and become a writer. She studied Creative Writing and Cinema at The University of Melbourne, followed by Screenwriting at RMIT University.

After finishing university, Anna wrote for independent films and fringe theatre, and directed music videos. During this time, she worked as a cheesemonger, a waitress, a barista, a nanny, a receptionist, a cinema attendant and a film reviewer.

Anna now lives with her husband, cat and two housemates and works full time writing.

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