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This is one of those books that I think is difficult to review. I read it, I liked it, but it is difficult to rehash what exactly it was about Crooked Little Lies that caught my attention, or what made me enjoy it so much.  This book seemed to blur genres but it made for interesting reading.

Review: CROOKED LITTLE LIES by Barbara Taylor SisselCrooked Little Lies by Barbara Taylor Sissel
Published by Amazon Publishing on August 1st 2015
Pages: 385
Genres: Fiction, Thrillers, Suspense, Psychological
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On a cool October morning, Lauren Wilder is shaken when she comes close to striking Bo Laughlin with her car as he s walking along the road s edge. A young man well known in their small town of Hardys Walk, Texas, Bo seems fine, even if Lauren s intuition says otherwise. Since the accident two years ago that left her brain in a fragile state, she can t trust her own instincts and neither can her family. Then Bo vanishes, and as the search for him ensues, the police question whether she s responsible. Lauren is terrified, not of what she remembers but of what she doesn t.

Unable to trust herself and unwilling to trust anyone else, Lauren begins her own investigation into the mystery of Bo s disappearance. But the truth can prove to be as shocking as any lie, and as Lauren exposes each one, from her family, from her friends, she isn t the only one who will face heart-stopping repercussions.

Annie was the product of a blended family. Her brother goes missing and it causes so much stress for her. Her brother is eccentric and perhaps mentally ill so there is a great sense of responsibility and embarrassment on her part. Annie has just become an adult but heartache has been haunting her her whole life.

Lauren is recovering from a traumatic accident that left her with a mild brain injury. After the accident she developed a dependency on the medication she was prescribed to help her with the pain. Now in recovery, her family isn’t entirely trusting of her. Her children don’t trust her and her husband is quick to remind her that her thinking is not always correct.

These two fragile characters find each other and try to solve the mystery of what happened to Bo.

The good stuff: It is definitely a mystery, but it is also a character driven women’s fiction at the same time. I felt like I could wholly understand the characters because the author carefully shelled out where the main two women characters were and how they got there. I could easily identify with both women in their situations. As the story progressed, I wondered if these two women’s lives would ever intersect. When it did they fit together in such an easy way. It was not hard to understand their immediate like of one another.

I found myself unable to stop thinking about this after I put it down. Crooked Little Lies is like a mash up of mystery and women’s fiction. To me it felt like a mystery/thriller with enough action to keep the story moving.

The not so good stuff: It took quite a while for these two characters to meet. I think it was around the half way mark, or maybe even a little after. It felt a bit random to be getting to know these characters before their lives intersected. The ending left me feeling nothing. Also, I wish we would have spent more time exploring Bo’s character. The author described him well, and there were enough flash back scenes to get a sense of who he was. He seemed like the most interesting character being well read and full of quirks. I am still wondering what his real issue was.

In conclusion: I think it is more of a good thing that I am still wondering about the characters of this story a while after I put the book down. I am glad I got a chance to read this. This was a true character driven story and I find those sorts the best to read. If you enjoy women’s fiction and a good mystery you will probably enjoy this book. I did.

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About Barbara Taylor Sissel

Barbara Taylor Sissel writes issue oriented, upmarket women’s fiction that is threaded with elements of suspense and defined by its particular emphasis on how crime affects the family. She is the author of six novels; THE LAST INNOCENT HOUR, THE NINTH STEP, THE VOLUNTEER, EVIDENCE OF LIFE, SAFE KEEPING and CROOKED LITTLE LIES.

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, she was raised in various locations across the Midwest and once lived on the grounds of a first offender prison facility, where her husband was a deputy warden. The experience, interacting with the inmates, their families, and the people who worked with them, made a profound impression and provided her with a unique insight into the circumstances of the crimes that were committed and the often surprising ways the justice system moved to deal with them.

An avid gardener, Barbara has two sons and lives on a farm in the Texas Hill Country, outside Austin.

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