Review: AVENGED by E.E. CooperAvenged by E. E. Cooper
Series: Vanished #2
Published by Katherine Tegen Books on November 8th 2016
Pages: 352
Genres: Young Adult Fiction, Thrillers & Suspense, Romance, General, Social Themes, Runaways
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Avenged is the conclusion to the Vanished duology, an absorbing, psychological suspense story about friendship, deception, jealousy, and love, perfect for fans of the Pretty Little Liars series and We Were Liars.
Everyone believes Beth’s death was an accident, except for Kalah. The girl she loved was stolen from her, and now Kalah’s broken heart wants revenge. In order to crack Brit’s perfect alibi, Kalah pretends to be Brit’s best friend—with the sole mission to destroy her.
Kalah knows that playing Brit’s game is deadly. One wrong move could cost someone her life, including her own…but the more lies Kalah tells, the closer she is to the twisted truth.

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I didn’t even realize this was a sequel. I mean, it seemed like there was a lot of questions for what happened to get these girls where they started. It still read like a good thriller. I am happy to report that I still enjoyed this book. So even though this isn’t a stand-alone, I still enjoyed it as one.

Kalah is in a bad spot throughout most of this story. I felt so much angst for her. Brit is back and Kalah is very angry she got away with it. Not only that, but with Beth gone, Brit is free to rule and has people falling over to worship her. Kalah remains as Brits very best friend, but she has a plan. Unfortunately, Brit is one step ahead of her most of the time. Kalah lies to get to the truth.

I felt so bad for Kalah. I think most girls will agree that being in someone’s shadow is not fun. Faking that you agree with someone all the time gets old really fast. Kalah does a stellar job of playing along with Brit. She has the patience of a saint waiting for Brit to trip up. I didn’t agree with her methods, but I have to admire the way she went about keeping her enemy close.

Kalah has an array of things working against her in this story. First, everyone thinks she loves Brit. Brit goes out of her way to enact revenge and Kalah has to go along with it so she can try to get her own revenge. This makes Kalah look horrible. Kalah underestimates Brit. Kalah is a bit OCD and her anxiety is still a secret a carries. Her history is not exactly making her look trustworthy. Kalah has to grow a lot through this story.

The only thing that isn’t completely awesome about this story is the believable factor. I am one to let the story take me, so I enjoy this escape from reality. I know some may have issues with how she handles her meds, and the advice she doesn’t take from people. This is fiction but I agree it might be sending the wrong message to people on medication.

All in all, I just love this story of revenge. The buildup kept my rapt attention and the ending was just about picture perfect. I read this whole book in one day. I am really sad that I missed out on book one from this series, but I will be looking out for this author in the future. Highly recommend this.

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