Review and Giveaway: ANDERSONVILLE by Edward M. Erdelac

Review and Giveaway: ANDERSONVILLE by Edward M. ErdelacAndersonville by Edward M Erdelac
Published by Random House Publishing Group on August 18th 2015
Pages: 272
Genres: Fiction, Horror, Historical, Action & Adventure
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Readers of Stephen King and Joe Hill will devour this bold, terrifying new novel from Edward M. Erdelac. A mysterious man posing as a Union soldier risks everything to enter the Civil War’s deadliest prison—only to find a horror beyond human reckoning.

Georgia, 1864. Camp Sumter, aka Andersonville, has earned a reputation as an open sewer of sadistic cruelty and terror where death may come at any minute. But as the Union prisoners of war pray for escape, cursing the fate that spared them a quicker end, one man makes his way into the camp purposefully.

Barclay Lourdes has a mission—and a secret. But right now his objective is merely to survive the hellish camp. The slightest misstep summons the full fury of the autocratic commander, Captain Wirz, and the brutal Sergeant Turner. Meanwhile, a band of shiftless thieves and criminals known as the “Raiders” preys upon their fellow prisoners. Barclay soon finds that Andersonville is even less welcoming to a black man—especially when that man is not who he claims to be. Little does he imagine that he’s about to encounter supernatural terrors beyond his wildest dreams . . . or nightmares.

Advance praise for Andersonville

“Erdelac makes a heady brew out of dreadful true events, angel and demon lore, secret societies, and the trappings of Southern gothic novels. This is thoughtful horror at its best, and not at all for the faint of heart.”Publishers Weekly (starred review)
“The true story of Andersonville is one of unimaginable horror and human misery. It’s a testament to his unmatched skill as a storyteller that Edward M. Erdelac is not only able to capture that horror but to add another level of supernatural terror and reveal that the darkest evil of all resides in the human soul. Highly recommended to fans of horror and history alike.”—Brett J. Talley, Bram Stoker Award–nominated author of That Which Should Not Be and He Who Walks in Shadow

Andersonville is a raw, groundbreaking supernatural knuckle-punch. Erdelac absolutely owns Civil War and Wild West horror fiction.”—Weston Ochse, bestselling author of SEAL Team 666“Edward M. Erdelac is a master of historical reinvention. In Andersonville, he peels away the façade of history to reveal the horror and sacrifices that led to the end of the Civil War. Clandestine operations, mystical battles waged unseen, and unlikely heroes combine to save a nation, not only from itself but from the demonic forces threatening to tear the whole of existence asunder. Forget what you know about the War Between the States, this is the story we should have been taught.”—Tim Marquitz, author of the Demon Squad series“If you took a tale of atmospheric horror by Ambrose Bierce and infused it with the energy of Elmore Leonard, you would come close to what Edward Erdelac has accomplished with Andersonville. But even that combination would sell the novel short. What Erdelac has done is not just splice genres together but create his own voice in telling of the horrors, real and supernatural, inhabiting the most infamous prison camp of the Civil War. This is U.S. history seen through the eyes of the tortured dead, told with amazing skill by an author who knows how to create genre literature with a purpose.”—C. Courtney Joyner, author of Shotgun and Nemo Rising

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This book is really scary. I should just leave it at that, but I know you want me to elaborate.

Andersonville was a real place. During the Civil War the south had a camp where they kept their POWs. The south was losing and barely had enough money to provide for their own troops, so this camp had no budget. Camp Sumter, aka Andersonville, was the worst place to be for a union soldier, much less a black one. Andersonville was known for its cruel condition where death, disease, and starvation abound. The author of this story, Edward M Erdelac has re imagined Andersonville and all it’s horror, and then added a paranormal twist. This story the thing of nightmares.

Barclay is our protagonist. He is accidentally taken to Andersonville, when he seemingly jumped on the wrong train. Assuming the name of a missing soldier, he makes allies and finds a place in Andersonville. Barclay is hiding a secret, though. In this prison run more like a concentration camp, Barclay comes up against the Raiders, a gang known for stealing, killing and terrorizing the prisoners at Andersonville. I can’t say much more about the plot without giving everything away.

What I can tell you, is that this book is artfully written. We follow Barclay into the most disgusting scenes. I haven’t read anything this scary in a very long time. This book is written in such a way so that the reader can’t help but envision the nightmarish scenes. There is nothing safe about this story. This book’s imagery stayed with me long after I put it down. I can still clearly seen the scenes in my mind. Most of this horror is based on the actual conditions of this camp and it is enough to cause nightmares. Barclay is a “colored” man in a place clearly racially divided. Half the camp of Northern soldiers is angry enough with “the reason” they are there to hate Barclay.

This story had Christianity, Voodoo, and Black Magic stirred in. The author doesn’t make a clear distinction into right or wrong, he just leads us into a place where they could all co-exist. The fantasy element was eloquently added in. I really enjoyed this story. I really enjoyed the pacing of this story. It was a slow, scary, build up into something very evil. The author threw in famous and infamous characters and their dialects making me wonder about what really happened. I highly recommend this macabre story for real horror fans.

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About Edward M Erdelac

Edward M. Erdelac is the author of the acclaimed Judeocentric/Lovecraftian weird western series Merkabah Rider, Buff Tea from Texas Review Press, Coyote's Trail from Comet Press, Terovolas from JournalStone Publishing, and Andersonville from Random House/Hydra. His fiction has appeared in DEADCORE, Corrupts Absolutely?, Danse Macabre from EDGE Publishing, Murky Depths Magazine, Kaiju Rising, World War Cthulhu, the Stoker Award winning After Death, and in the pages of Star Wars Insider magazine among others.

Born in Indiana, educated in Chicago, he lives in the Los Angeles area with his wife and a bona fide slew of kids and cats.


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