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Social media and I are fickle friends.

I fell like I have a great handle on posting about my site, but I am not really good at making actual contacts on social media. I do stalk follow people on social media. If I subscribed to your site, chances are I follow you in other places. I saw your status update about your mom and those cute pictures of your dog. I see you are frustrated with our presidential picks. I am nodding in agreement with you. I am a stalker. *hangs head in shame*

I am not very active on social media. Maybe it is because I am famous for typos, or because 140 characters is not enough to retort without sounding snarky. I find trying to engage with people awkward at best. It is a horrible feeling to send something out to social media and get crickets. I mean, I know people, but I don’t have much to say as I am going about my day. I don’t think people would really care about my glamorous life (or maybe they would and then they would be so jealous that it would drive them crazy, or some such shit. either way it is not worth the effort).

Here are the social media outlets I currently use and a short description of how we interact:

I LOVE you, but I am so shy around you. I loose so much time ogling your stuff. You are that hot guy I want to notice me.


It’s not you, it’s me. You look good, but your IQ is too low for me to be serious about you. I’ll call you when I need a booty call. (i call often but i don’t want a relationship)


I don’t like you anymore. We have nothing in common.


You are just too nice for a girl like me. Let’s just be awkward when we see each other in social situations or really great acquaintances.


You aren’t interesting enough to waste time on. I fell asleep last time we talked.


We have dated a few times, but I still don’t know you enough to know if I want to get serious.


Why are you trying so hard to be like my significant other (my blog). Honestly, you pale in comparison.


I only want you to make me look good in front of my parents (aka i only use you for family)


goodreadsI am just using you for your car (or money or social status). It think you are really nice though.


Most of my issues with social media (other than awkwardness with strangers) is that I don’t have time for it. I used to be on social media much more. Honestly, I am frickin busy right now! Reading blogs/commenting, reading books, and blogging take up all of my internet time. I would make time if someone reached out to me. I view every tag I get on social media. I am too weird to make the first move though.

How’s your relationship with social media?


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