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Online dating has grown so much over the last decade. It started as something for only tech savvy people. Then they had sites open to everyone. Now if you try online dating you can go broad with a site for everyone or get really specific for your religion or likes. A hundred years ago¹, when I was dipping my toes in online dating there was like four websites. You could either pay for it, or it was free. That’s it, those were your options.

Most of the people I knew thought I was crazy to try online dating. Not only was I setting myself up to get raped or stalked or something, but there was a stigma attached to it. I think people are more accepting of online dating now.

My Online Dating Story

Once upon a time, I was single. My boyfriend left me in the worst way possible, (with a newborn), and after many lonely nights I was sick of being single. I worked a ton of hours and didn’t have time to try to meet new people. At this point in my life I had three kids, a brand new career, my Mother lived with me, and I had a big dog. I was the complete package… of stuff people aren’t looking for when they are just dating.

I don’t know what gave me the idea. It might have been a commercial on TV, to be honest. Somehow I ended up online and I decided to try online dating. I found Plenty of Fish,, and set up my profile. I was on a mission to meet someone without having to lie, try to hard, or pretend to be something I wasn’t. I was completely honest on my profile. I didn’t have any cute selfies, I just had pictures of my face, (i think just one). I thought it would take me forever to meet people. To my surprise, I found a date right away.


This was so exciting since I was sure no guy would be interested in a woman with three kids, a new career, a mother who lived with her, and a dog. The first date didn’t go so well. He was nice and had a motorcycle, but the date ended strangely. Like maybe this guy was just looking for a friend. At this point in my life I didn’t have time for new friends. I was the complete package already, I just wanted someone to share that shit with.

Then I met a new guy. He found me, somehow out of all the people on that website, and asked for my number. He said I could check out his MySpace to learn more about him (that’s how long ago this was, back when MySpace was the thing). His profile was hilarious. He had funny captions for all his pictures. We texted for a while and I realized that he lived in a neighborhood I used to live in across town. He worked at a place I never went to and didn’t know any of the people I knew. I was sure me he was just interested in a hook up, so I didn’t put much thought into our first meeting.

I don’t think I even had makeup on for our first date. Actually, he text me on my day off and I told him I was laying out on the beach. He was Latino, and I was kinda working on my tan, (i have since given up on trying to get tan, i am the color pale). Anyways, he took like a long time to get to the beach, claiming he didn’t know what to wear, (!! to the beach you wear shorts right? that’s funny now, but at the time I was irritated). I am so very Caucasian. I can’t lay out for an hour waiting for a guy, lest I want a blistering sunburn. So I went home. By the time he finally made it, I was a mess. I was sweaty and my hair was up. I just put some clothes over my bathing suit and met him at a local restaurant/bar on the beach.



I broke all the rules on that first date. I mean, I probably looked like hell and then we talked about our exs. We had a lot in common. He was really funny. I spent so much of our first date laughing. By the time I went home, my face hurt from smiling so much. I knew by the end of the date that I had met the guy I wanted to be with.


So the rest is history. I never would have met my Miguel if I had not had a profile on an online dating site. Although we were only six miles apart, our paths never would have crossed. I know there are a lot of fake people out there. I am pretty sure by just being honest on my profile, I was able to weed out a lot of crazies. My advice to people trying online dating is to just be yourself on your profile. I now know dozens of couples who met online. I think online dating is a great way to meet new people.

Have you ever tried online dating?

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