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Welcome to my Monthly Wrap Up!

This month was a bit crazy. No surprise there right? I had a big disappointment on the job hunting front. The job I was hoping to at least interview for went to someone else. Honestly, it was probably someone they meant to hire for that position all along. This was really a let down, but I know the right job will come along, It has to!

I got back to working out in October. I got 11 workouts done in October. November I will do more consistent workouts. I also started drinking more water. I am up to about 100 oz. a day right now. Haven’t noticed anything different except my bathroom trips increase though, lol! From everything I have read that will soon go away. I don’t see how, except if I try to sweat out more. That’s my goal for November, drink more then sweat more. Wish me luck!

I had a really great reading month. I even managed to put together a post about some books that failed me. My DNF list was long but I am glad to be rid of those books. In October I started tracking my ARC stats with State of the ARC hosted by Evelina @AvalinahsBooks.

We did the trick-or-treat thing, here are some pictures:

My babies #halloweencostume 👻🎃 They are so ready for candy! #trickortreat

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This is the alternate costume. The one we can actually #trickortreat in. Happy 🎃 Halloween!

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My Belle’s #halloweencostume @whatever.clouds

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I wasn’t actually with Belle this year, but I had to share her make-up because it was so cool. We bought 3 huge bags of candy from Sam’s to hand out this year. We only had like 8 trick-or-treaters and so we have tons of candy left. Goodbye clean eating plans, Hello junk food fest!

I reviewed 11 books in October (click the cover to see the review)


My favorite book of the month was THE VAMPIRE LESTAT, of course. It was the perfect book for October. This is kind of cheating since it was a re-read, though.

My other 5/5 star reads for October were:

My least favorite books were all the DNFs for reasons mentioned in this post. Here is the lot of them:

I published 19 posts in October.

I did five Wrap Up posts this month. I just realized it has been a while since I had a giveaway, so I will be hosting two this month. One on the week of November 4-15 and one for Black Friday Weekend. Look out for those posts so you can enter to win.

What’s next?

November is here, and with it, the start of cooler temps. Raking leaves and layers of clothing that I can shed when the sun comes out are happening this month. My other plans for November are:

  • Continue working out 4-6 days a week
  • Drink at least 100 oz of water daily. (i am on day 5 of this and plan to continue and make it a daily habit)
  • Get the house ready for my in-laws
  • Continue to look for another job
  • Review all the ARCs planned in my State of the ARCs post
  • 2 Giveaways
  • 2 discussion posts in November
  • A calm and stress-free Thanksgiving dinner the day after, (since I working Thanksgiving day for double time pay)

Your turn…

How was your October? What was your favorite read? What are you most looking forward to in November?

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