NOT YOUR DAMN DOM by Amy ValentiNot Your Damn Dom by Amy Valenti
Series: Denial #2
Also in this series: Not Your Damn Submissive
Published by Createspace Independent Pub on September 17th 2014
Pages: 318
Genres: Erotica, Romance
Also by this author: Not Your Damn Submissive
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Book 2 in the Denial series.

I’m just waiting for the inevitable.

Three years ago, I broke my submissive’s spirit completely. After she fled, I swore I’d never call myself a Dominant again. No one who screwed up as badly as I did is worthy of that title.

Then Alexandra Ashford signed up for my personal training sessions—smart, confident, yet perfectly willing to follow my every order. The kind of submissive every Dom dreams about, even if she doesn’t know it.

I knew I had to keep my distance.

My intentions were good, but she seduced me anyway. I’d stayed away from women for three years, yet it took her three days to get past my defences. Now I can’t make myself let her go. She’s more than I deserve; everything I want.

But keeping vanilla? That’s gonna be hell.

All I can do is hope she never begs me to tie her up and hurt her, though my Dom side craves it. If we cross that line, I have to leave her. I can’t break another submissive.

I can’t be her damn Dom.

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You may remember I reviewed a book called Not Your Damn Submissive not to long ago. That was a 5/5 star read and it totally blew me away. Amy Valenti has the next book in the series out now, Not Your Damn Dom. I was so excited to get my hands on this read. This could easily be read as a stand alone, although it is book two in the Denial series. Compared to the first book it is almost as good, a recommended read for an erotica fan.

The Dom in this story is a man called Spencer. Spencer is a personal trainer for famous clientele. he works in movies and regularly stars as a stunt double. His latest client is Alex, an almost movie star who needs training for her next role. The role that will make her career skyrocket. So Spencer sets about to train Alex, all the while harboring a hunger for her. She of course wants him as well. Spencer had a bad experience with his last sub and vows never again to be anyone’s Dom. He thinks he broke a sacred trust and doesn’t want to ever do that to someone again. Alex is pushing all of his buttons, just begging for him to top her.

Of course these two end up being lovers. And they are scorching hot together. They have sex in scenes I could only dream of participating in. Imagine two very fit people playing around in a gym… the positions they can hold… and the equipment they could utilize. I really, really loved the relationship in this book. Alex and Spencer are so good together. These are real characters, they do things that real people do. The have believability that is not so common in most romance novels.

I really liked that Amy included the characters from book one in this story. They tie in and Spencer’s relationship with Callum. Kat is there too and her role is important for Spencer to gain a subs perspective from. I am really looking forward to the next in this series.

I am not a big fan of sports romance. I did not like the spar scenes and all of the time they spent in the gym teasing each other between reps. I think this might appeal to most romance fans but it did not appeal to me. I imagined a bit more would happen in the bedroom. Other than that, I really enjoyed this story. There is more to come soon as Amy is planing (or writing) the next installment to this story.  The BDSM was light but very imaginative. Amy writes in a way that makes it easy to swoon over the sex. I found this to be a very solid erotic romance.

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About the Author

AMY VALENTI attained ‘crazy cat lady’ status at four years old, but took a little longer to get to the ‘published author’ stage, which was her other goal in life. Now in her late twenties,she tries to minimize the number of cats she puts into her erotic romance stories, but more than one has slipped into a character’s home while her back’s been turned. After all, the ultimate test of a man’s worth is what his new partner’s pets think of him… Cats aside, Amy enjoys writing about intelligent female characters who know themselves and their desires. She’s been fascinated by sex, relationship and power-play dynamics for many years, and experiments with different sub-genres under the overarching category of BDSM, concentrating on Domination and submission romance in particular. She also writes vanilla lesbian erotica (without the romance!) under the pseudonym of Sidonie Spice.

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