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I LOVE finding new blogs to subscribe to. It’s a big deal to me. But, I a really picky. Seriously, I have a whole list of things a blog must have before I will click that subscribe button (starting with; the subscribe button has to be easy to find). There is a whole world wide web out there, but only a few blogs make it into me email. I realize that people never want to talk about this, but every blogger wants to know WHY someone subscribes (or doesn’t subscribe). So let me tell you about my latest 2 subscriptions.

My latest 2 blog subscriptions were for:


I am not sure how I came upon this site, a tweet perhaps? Anyways, the site caught my eye right away. The whole theme on Lily Bloom Books is really well thought out and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Upon further inspection, I found that this blogger reads/reviews similar ya books. (i realized later that she had an adult type site for her grown up reviews). Also, this blogger hit on all my must haves in a blog I follow. I am so glad I found this site especially since a few weeks after I subscribed I WON something from a giveaway she had for her blogoversary. I won a KINDLE FIRE! How cool is that? (i feel terrible that i haven’t mentioned it before, that is like the BIGGEST prize i have ever won from the internet)


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I am not even sure how this blog escaped my attention. I am 99% sure I found this blog on someone’s blogroll. (another reason why it is a great idea to have a list somewhere showing the blogs you stalk love. share the love!) There is so much awesome on this site! All the reviews for the books I want. This blogger has her finger on the pulse of YA today. I love the depth of the reviews and that she participates in some of the same memes I do. Also, everyone I know seems to follow this site and she has guest posted in a bunch of places. (that list looks like a resume. sure i’d hire you) I am just so glad I discovered this site.

So that’s the latest two blogs to make my email list. I am curious if other bloggers have criteria for subscribing and what that actually looks like. Do you have some hard limits when it comes to blogs you subscribe to? Do you think I am too picky about my email list? (i always welcome a different opinion, so chime in)

Share the love! What are the last 2 blogs that made your email list?

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