Never Say Never -Tip, Tricks & Erotic InspirationNever Say Never by Alison Tyler
Published by Cleis Press on 2014
Pages: 239
Genres: Family & Relationships, Love & Romance, Fiction, Erotica, General, Romance, Health & Fitness, Sexuality, Self-Help, Sexual Instruction
Also by this author: Dark Secret Love, The Delicious Torment, Flying High: Sexy Stories from the Mile High Club , Those Girls, Those Boys
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Monogamy does NOT have to equal monotony and eroticist author Alison Tyler has made it her life's mission to make sure it never is with Never Say Never!
Half of a very happily married duo, Tyler's advice is that couples can build a trust level that makes experimentation truly possible and posits that uninhibited, really exciting, and highly imaginative sex happens best with lovers who just happen to be couples, too. This follow up to Tyler's bestselling Never Have the Same Sex Twice blends her wisdom, expert advice, and favorite erotic scenarios illustrating myriad sexual techniques and fantasies designed to liven up the bedroom.

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Want to read something really inspiring? The book Never Say Never will motivate you to try something new. Whether you are in a monogamous relationship that has hit or snag or you love life is porn worthy, this book has something for you. This book offers real tips and tricks without giving you step by step instructions.  It inspires instead.

I had low expectations for this book. My lover and I are swingers after all. We have tried many of those daring things that most people only fantasize about. I thought this book of “tips and tricks” would be boring for me. It is not. Alison keeps it interesting by inserting adventures into every category. Not only did the done-that chapters sound awesome again, she had some ideas about things I hadn’t thought of. Its fucking brilliant actually. Amazing that even I can be inspired to try new things.

This book is so refreshing. It really encourages by including snippets of juicy scenes. I had to stop reading more than once to take care of business. Alison really knows how to turn on her readers and she makes it look effortless. She even includes scenes of yet unreleased erotic fiction, hot enough to make me stop and Google the authors. After every stirring chapter is an short story chosen by Alison for inspiration.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction: A Little Kink in My Coffee
  • Chapter One: Watch This Way—Voyeurism, Wherever I Wander • Janine Ashbless
  • Chapter Two: X is for Exposure—Exhibitionism, Bring me the Dark • Angell Brooks
  • Chapter Three: Slippery When Wet—Cunnilingus, Savory • Georgia E. Jones
  • Chapter Four: Open Wide—Fellatio, Allowed • Charlotte Stein
  • Chapter Five: Close Your Eyes—Blindfolds, Blind Lust • Kristina Lloyd
  • Chapter Six: Tied and Teased—Beginning Bondage, Silk • Teresa Noelle Roberts
  • Chapter Seven: Naughty, Naughty—Spanking, Beneath the Surface • Sommer Marsden
  • Chapter Eight: Fantasies First—Role Play, Afternoon Strip • N. T. Morley
  • Chapter Nine: Back Door Man—Anal, The Final Frontier • Justine Elyot
  • Chapter Ten: Bend Over, B/F—Pegging, A Round Peg in a Round Hole • Shanna Germain
  • Chapter Eleven: Crossing Your T’s—Cross Dressing, Tangled Up in Blue • Sophia Valenti
  • Chapter Twelve: Twist Me, Taunt Me, Turn Me On—Fetishes, The Silk Road Donna George Storey
  • Chapter Thirteen: More the Merrier—Menage, Margarita Magic • Thomas S. Roche
  • Chapter Fourteen: Trading Spouses—Soft Swapping, Syzygy • Ashley Lister
  • Chapter Fifteen: Mind Your Ma’ams—Femme Domme, No Shame Dante Davidson
  • Chapter Sixteen: 24/7—Living a Kinky Life, Is That Man Bothering You? • Alison Tyler

Want a teaser? I thought you might…

Chapter 6: Drop Me a Line: Pen a Lusty Letter

Love letters are sweet. Press them between pages of a dictionary and keep them forever. But lust letters? The sort of filth-o-grams to make your pulse pound? Even better. Lewd, lascivious, filled with the decadent details of what a faraway lover (or a close-by lover) would like to do to you, or have you do in return—these are truly the letters to cherish. If you haven’t saved any of these, write some brand-new ones. Slide one in the side bag on her Harley. Slip one into the pocket of his chaps. (Oh, wait. Do chaps have pockets?)

Don’t stifle yourself. With pen in hand, pour out your fantasies:

I want you to bend me over, pull down my panties and spank me with your hand.


I want you to drop to your knees, unbutton my 501s and suck me off.

Write down exactly what you’d like to happen to you. Shanna Germain describes the type of note she wants her lover to write to her in “How to Spank Me: An Open Letter to My Future Lovers”:

First, leave a note on the bed before you leave for work, telling me what to wear. I’ll find it on your pillow when I wake up, and smile when I realize you’ve chosen the pleated pink miniskirt, a white baby-doll T-shirt and those bottom-hugging white panties that you bought me for my birthday, three to a package. Suggest, in your carefully crafted scrawl, that I wear heels. I’ll know that you mean my three-inch-high strappy black sandals, the ones that let you see my toes. In your PS, tell me that you’ll be home at 3:00, and that I’d better be ready.

The whole book follows this genius format. Alison’s writing is almost conversation style. She pens a few words saying how great it is, then leads the reader into an example. I have never seen a book written this way. It got my attention and held it there. Check out this hot read. Not only is it informative, it is steamy hot.

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About the Author

This inspiring book is brought to you by the Queen of Kink, ALISON TYLER. Half of a very happily married duo, Tyler knows and shares how couples can build a level of trust that makes experimentation possible. She is the trollop with a laptop that has penned twenty-five explicit novels including Dark Secret Love, The Delicious Torment, Wrapped Around Your Finger (soon to be released), and has edited about 50 collections. Her stories appear in over 100 anthologies. I recommend this book, and almost everything that Alison touches, wholeheartedly.


Thanks to Cleis Press for sending me this book to review.


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