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I am hating this one. My first ever book reviews are on a store site, a shop you can’t trust, where a lot of sex bloggers started out. They had a book club at some point (at least 3 years ago now) and they offered 2 books for review a month. I had already been reviewing products for about 6 months, so reviewing books didn’t seem hard. Here is my first ever book review…



Great Sex Tips by Anne Hooper

Great Sex tips is a fun little pillow book! It is small and fun to look at with it’s excellent erotic photos. It does not go into too much detail before moving on to something else. This book would be great for a newlywed couple or for a long established couple that wants to add spice to their Sex Play!

Great Sex Tips by Anne Hooper is 240 pages with plenty of erotic pictures to get you in the mood! I got this book and I was a little shocked at how small it was! I guess I should have read the dimensions…5 1/2″ x 4 1/2″. I was expecting a bigger book, but I was not disappointing with its contents. The book includes an introduction from Anne Hooper and an index so you can jump right to what you are looking for. The book is divided into six delicious chapters:

2-In The Mood
3-Loving Him
4-Loving Her
5-Erotic Toys
6-Sex Games

Each chapter has bold topics and then a few bullets about things to try to spice things up with your lover. The pages are colorful and thick. I would say that more than half of the book is pictures. The pictures are professional looking erotic photos minus genitalia. The book dabbles in a wide range of types of couple play. Everything from looking seductive to spanking.

The seduction chapter is individualized for each person on how to be more seductive. It gives both good tips like, “Lick your partner’s sticky fingers,” and lame tips like, “Enhance exposure to each other’s pheromones by washing less.”

The chapter “In the Mood” gave tips on turning your partner on and keeping them wanting you. There are plenty of fun tips in this chapter for couples to try. This chapter has fun topics like Strip Teases and Bedtime Stories and lots of other things that you might not have thought of to get your lover in the mood.

The chapters “Loving Him” and “Loving Her” give tips on erogenous zones of the male and female body, without going into too much detail. Sex positions and oral tips are given in this chapter. I believe she briefly nails what would turn the average male/female on and trys to gives advice on how please your partner. Admittedly, some of the tips were familiar to me, and seemed pointless to mention.

The chapter “Erotic Toys” talks about using toys in the bedroom, covering different types of toys and enhancement products available for couples. The book also gives little tips for using things around the house for play, and also incorporating food into couples play. It does not go into too much detail about any one topic, but it would be a good introduction for a couple just starting out.

My favorite section was the last chapter, “Sex Games”. I want to try (or re-try) just about every games she mentioned. It was fun to look it over with my lover and get inspired. It would be very cool to go through the book and tackle one topic a day or one a week just to add some spice to the bedroom. She dabbles into games that usually don’t require materials like Truth or Dare and creating and reading a Sex Diary

I was trying to imagine just who would this book be written for and then I thought… newlyweds! This book would make the perfect gift for a bride-to-be. It is a visually appealing book. This book would also appeal to any couple who wanted to try something new and add spice to their sex life. I was happy to read this book and I will surely refer to some the easy tips mentioned for sex play. The book can be read one little topic at a time and it is easy to digest, without being perverted or raunchy.

Cringe! Newlyweds, really? *facepalm* I just hope I am doing it better now. Although this is not the worst review I have ever read, it is certainly one of my worst. I refuse to read anymore of my old reviews. I hope you enjoyed this trip down cringe-worthy lane with me courtesy of Brittany from Book Bumblings.

#BookBlogWriMo, a writing event focusing on what it means to be a book blog hosted by the lovely Brittany of Book Bumblings. Check out all my posts here and find out more details about this challenge.

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