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There is so much I love about blogging, but it has it’s pain in the ass moments still. Here is a list of all the things that drive me batty about book blogging:

  • Plug-ins that break my site. Gah! I have had exactly three of these and it just sucks.
  • Lining up graphics. I am so grateful to FooGallery for making this PIA mostly a thing of the past, but I still have fresh memories of trying to line things up. Frickin pain in the ass!
  • Ending a post with a question and then not getting any feedback. This is not a popularity contest or anything but damn, I know someone read that and then all I get is crickets. Makes me sad.
  • Not getting approved to review a book and then seeing it on every book blog site. Burying Water is just one example. Why? I get a bit jealous. Inferiority complex much?
  • Making affiliate links, but no money off them. This is just frustrating. Log in the affiliate account, search for product, copy link, shorten link, then insert in blog page.  Affiliate links take time to make. Use my links, please!
  • A TBR list that is insanity. Why do I need to one-click at this point? I have enough to get me through the next year with all the free books I have amassed, but I still want more.
  • Deadlines for books I have to force myself to read. Sometimes I have a hard time feeling a genre. It is a good read but I am over this genre, I want something different. It is not you, it’s me.
  • People telling me to back my blog up. I don’t do this and I refuse to start now. Do gooders, be gone!
  • Trendy blog stuff that I have no time for. Like newsletters. Ain’t no blogger got time for that!
  • Finding typos in something published on my site. I edit I swear, it’s just that I mentally compensate for my mistakes.

That’s is all I can think of right now, but I am sure there is more. If you wanna know what I hate about other blogs, read this.

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