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This week we are talking about our Bedtime Routines.

Mine is pretty simple, unless it is the weekend, then it is complicated. On a regular weeknight my routine looks like this:

  1. send the kids to bed (9 pm on school nights)
  2. go brush teeth, take out my contacts, and change into bedtime clothes
  3. blog until I hear Miguel snore
  4. wake Miguel up and have sex
  5. read till the tv timer goes off and I can’t see straight
  6. go get my dog (a.k.a. snuggle buddy), close the door, lay down and turn off the light
  7. go to sleep (takes appx 3 mins)

I don’t usually wash my face or shower before I go to bed. Is that weird? I don’t wear much makeup, and I have to blow-dry and straight iron my hair after I shower, (which is a lot of work before I got to bed, too much trouble if you ask me).

Weekends we usually go out. Sometimes we come home early, usually we don’t. If we come home and all the kids are in bed already then I start at #2.

That’s pretty much my bedtime routine. What does your bedtime routine look like?

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