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Oopsie! I didn’t do #1. It is never too late to jump in though. As long as I don’t miss this July 9th deadline, I think I am okay.

I chose to read 24 books to reach Mount Blanc. Sadly I am not even close since I have only read 9 books. At least I got 9 backlist books read from my TBR read, right? I am a smidgen over 1/3 of the way to the peak. That is just shameful. I guess I better get reading.

My life according to reading:

(or a super fun way to see what I have read for this challenge)

My Ex is/was The Demon King (Cinda Williams Chima)

My best friend is The Exiled Queen (Cinda Williams Chima)

Lately, at work [it feels like the] End of Days (Susan Ee)

If I won the lottery, [I’d buy] The Crimson Crown (Cinda Williams Chima)

My fashion sense [is] A Madness so Discreet (Mindy McGinnis)

My next ride [will be in the] World After (Susan Ee)

The one I love is [hopefully going to] Die Young With Me (Rob Rufus)

If I ruled the world, I would [pursue] The Grey Wolf Throne ( Cinda Williams Chima)

When I look out my window, I [see] Angelfire (Susan Ee)

The best things in life are Like a River Glorious (Rae Carson)

Are you participating in Mount TBR this year? How are you doing with your reading challenge goals?

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