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Having been on WordPress for many years, I have gone through quite a few updates. One of those updates, a while back, removed one of my favorite features, Hovertext.

Since then, I had the idea to find a way to add it back. Until just recently I forgot all about it. Finally this week, while not blogging or reading, I found a simple hack to add Hovertext to my posts with very little effort.

Today I want to share how to add Hovertext to your posts. It is so simple that I know any one of you can do it. It just adds a little pop to your posts.

What is Hovertext?

Once upon a time on WordPress… you could automatically add text to go with a link that would appear when you hovered a mouse over it. It was actually set up for you whenever you wanted to add a link within a post. Instead of seeing this…

There was an extra box under “Link Text” for your Hovertext.

I have no idea why they took away this option. I used it in every single post, with almost every single link. It was super helpful for me for pages like this, where I kept track of things for myself. It also made every single link something a little extra fun for readers to discover.

It make things look like this….⇐go ahead, hover your mouse over the link.

If you click that link you will find it just goes right back to this post, so there is no worry about loosing readers who accidentally click those hovers. So while you are posting about how amazingly amazing something is, you can also add a little something extra for those who are browsing on their home computers. You can also add this to actual links to go somewhere. I am going to show you how to add Hovertext with and without links that go somewhere.


Adding Hovertext to Links

Go to the “Text” option for writing posts and after you add a link to you text, then add this

after a in the link add  title=”This is some text I want to display.”  after the a and before href.

In the text portion of your post, this is the code:

<a title= “Hovertext goes here”  href=””>What shows up in the post</a>

How that code looks:

What shows up in the post

Adding Hovertext without links

In the text area of your post:

<a title= “Hovertext goes here”  href=” “>What shows up in the post</a>

What shows up in the post

Notice I just left the part where the link goes empty. It links right back to your post.



That is so easy, right! I find myself tweaking code for my theme all the time so I am always using text anyways. Feel free to add Hovertext to your posts. I always found those posts so fun to read and I miss them!

If you have any questions or plan to use this leave me a comment. I would love to chat with you!

**Please note this will only work on WordPress posts. It *should* work on as well as .org since they both use the same post writing format. 

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