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This week we are talking about Nature.

I am not sure how to cover this topic. I am a bit anti-nature and really into technology. Ever since I was in the Army, camping and hanging out in nature took on a whole new meaning. It isn’t fun when it is work. I can remember sweating my ass off, overdressed, laying in a pile of ants to shoot my weapon, sleeping on an uncomfortable cot, just to get up and work in the heat. My Miguel is totally there with me, as an army veteran himself. Nature really isn’t our thing. I have to admit that since we moved we have been talking about trying camping again with the family. It is so beautiful here and we might just give it a go.

I really respect nature. All of my favorite shows, that I watch on technology, take place in Alaska. Except The Walking Dead which takes place after zombies take over the world. I really like shows about wildlife and nature. Watching them inside my temperature controlled house makes them more comfortable to observe. Birds are my favorite animals, basically because they can fly and live anywhere they want. We don’t spend loads of time outdoors in nature. I was kinda looking forward to the nature trails here, just for something different. The weather has been too miserable to get serious about it, thou. Nature has been really ugly since we moved here. I am not really big on nature now, but who knows what the future holds. Maybe nature and I will make friends again.

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