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Today we are talking about dreams, (the sleeping kind).

If you want to loose my attention, start telling me about your dreams. I have four kids, and they are always trying to tell me about their dreams, my eyes glaze over as soon as they start talking.

When I was younger, I studied new age. In every new age section you will find a book, (or 10), about dreams. I have been fascinated by dreams, and their meanings forever. I believe my sub conscience is trying to tell me something with my dreams. I found that most dream interpretation books (and lately software), generally agree about the symbols and their meanings. I consult my dream dictionaries when i wake up, if I remember my dreams. Usually, the dreams do hold clues about my mental state, and my environment. I don’t have reoccurring dreams. I don’t have dreams that show me the future. I wouldn’t really want that anyways. I like to be surprised. Ignorance is bliss.

I don’t think your dreams are any of my business. I think they reveal secrets from your sub conscience. It is a message for you, not me.

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