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Once upon a time, I didn’t know erotica existed. It’s funny to think about it now. I really had no idea. I had read so many books. I read that so -called naughty book in school, about going all the way. It wasn’t really that naughty though, and didn’t inspire me much. I didn’t think people wrote about sex much. If they did it was sandwiched between an adventure and a misadventure. That all books are right, adventures and misadventures? One book challenged my thinking on this. I found it in a most unlikely place.

I had a few friends I met that were here on a school visa from the UK. It’s kinda sad that I can’t remember what they were studying, or where exactly in the UK the were from. They were cool people though. I got to see them get married. I will never forget that couple. They befriended me and took me under their wing. They took me out to clubs and introduced me to cool music. I slept over their house quite a bit. I spent so much time at their flat. They had so much really cool paraphernalia. Their home was decorated different, not weird, just much more interesting than most of our friends. A few books they always kept on the coffee table (I never knew anyone who kept books on the coffee table, that’s weird right?). Anyways, one of them was Woman on Top by Nancy Friday. I picked that book up one day and a whole new world opened up for me. This was something different entirely. It was real. I went out and bought that book for myself.

Woman on Top, for those of you who don’t know is a book written by Nancy Friday. She has written eight books, all of them bestsellers. In this book Nancy collected a whole bunch of fantasies that women enjoyed and wrote them all out. She tried to categorize them and there were some blurbs between the fantasies about how and why some women like what. I don’t remember that much. I just remember the honest stories where woman poured their fantasies out for me to enjoy. There were quite a few bestiality stories in this book. Just fyi. This just proved to me that they must be real fantasies. Fantasies can be absolutely anything. I read almost all of her books. Most contain a lot less about animals, thankfully. Then I graduated over to the Letters to Penthouse series, and from there well…


This is only a small part of my collection. Most of my kink lives on my kindle.

Maybe this wasn’t the best beginning. I eventually started a sexy blog about my actual adventures, some of them fueled by things I have read. (that blog is gone now, but I am sure the naughty pictures exist somewhere on the web)

A friend at work saw me reading my kindle and asked what I was reading.

“A dirty book” I told her. Her eyes lit up.

“Oh! Have you read 50 Shades yet?” she asked.

Sigh! “Yes, it wasn’t that great. I have read much better.”

“Oh I haven’t read it yet, but I want to.”

I responded with, “Well maybe I can lend you a book I would recommend. If you really want to read something good, that is?”

Oh yea, she wants to borrow something. Now which book should I give her? I don’t want to scare her off, only point her to an author that is actually quality. Maybe something she could relate to as a mature female. Decisions, decisions.

Being an avid reader, I knew that I learned better by reading something. I am more apt to be turned on by erotica then porn. In my head, I can imagine the characters how I want. I can fast forward or rewind with just a flick of my eyes. Reading erotica made me realize that I wasn’t a pervert for thinking about sex differently. In my imagination, sex, no matter how it happened, was safe. The best part was when I shared my love of erotica. Erotica taught me how to open up and let my lover into fantasy world. This isn’t the way everyone responds to erotica but it is the way I did.

I support erotic writers. I have been really fortunate to enjoy some of the hottest reads today, some of them before they are even published. Bloggers turned into authors are my favorite kind of writers. With the injection of anonymous blogging, erotica can be shared quickly all over the world. Erotic bloggers share their soul with honesty. I am always looking out for new authors/new bloggers because you never know. What started as a sexy blog could turn into an occupation.

Since I shared my first erotica read, maybe you could tell me yours. I am sure your intro was much more interesting.

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