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I’m not kidding.

Why would someone break up with a book club?

I love books, so that wasn’t the problem. It was the person who ran the group. You know when you find out something questionable about a person, and then you can’t look at them the same? That’s basically what happened.

Some of you may remember my quest to find a book club. It sounds really simple, but I don’t have much time to play with. I thought an online book club would be ideal. Why not, right? Most of the book clubs I found had little to no interaction between members. I had all but given up until December came and I got an invite on Facebook. After over a year of searching, I finally found a small book club online.

The thing that made this book club really nice, is that it was a small group. There were only like 6 of us, so everyone really got to know everyone else. We had kind of an all day, everyday conversation via Facebook messenger. It was so nice to be able to get to know other book lovers and share books I was really excited about.

In the beginning, everything was cool.

Two months ago I booked a room for BEA2016. BEA is a once a year book trade show. It is the biggest book show of the year. This will be my first year going and I am so excited to be taking my daughter, Belle.

Of course, Chicago is an expensive town. I casually mentioned to the girls that I booked my room and there would be space for two more people. One of the girls really thought spliting a room would be a good idea. I agreed it would be a fun. I was also hoping we could kinda split the cost. My room cost over $600, and you can’t get close to this show in a hotel for less than $400. I thought $200 sounded really fair.

But then red flags went up.

When I asked the girl who wanted to room with me if she was willing to split the cost, she balked and said she would have to see how much she had after gas money. Uhhh? She runs the book club, so I didn’t want to just cancel with her over money. I don’t want to seem cheap, their idea was to sleep in their van before I offered. That sounds pretty sucky. Some money is better than no money right? I felt torn, but I kept my mouth shut. After all, BEA is still a few months away.

Later, the group founder mentioned something about being banned on Goodreads. Now I know, that is never a good sign. I asked what happened and she said a bunch of jealous girls bullied her and made up lies about her and she got banned. That sounded crazy, but I know girls can be catty (if you are shaking your head, stop it. you know us girls can be real catty and cliquish, it is in our DNA or something). I dismissed it and pretty much forgot about it.

Then, she mentioned finishing books at a crazy pace. I thought this was not right, but she explained that she read really fast and got the gist of the book. She admitted in the group that she wrote some reviews before she even finished the book. Listen, I don’t follow her blog, so I don’t read her reviews. I made a mental note not to put too much stock into her recommendations and moved on.

I realize I should have listened to my gut at this point.

Something was not right and I fucking knew it. I was just so happy to be part of something that I didn’t pay any attention to the little panic light going off in my head. I figured I would deal with the rooming situation later. I even bought a few books from her, and I had no issues.

Earlier today, I came across a tweet about the girl that runs the book club. I asked the tweeter to elaborate what she meant. She said that the girl was famous for bad trades. I was like wait a minute, bad trades? The tweeter pointed me to a Goodreads group that had a whole page of conversation about this girl. Apparently, this girl had tried and/or succeeded in ripping people off when trading or selling her books. Not just one or two people. Many people. These are people whose blogs I follow and people I respect in the blogging community. These are the people that got her banned.

Wait, that’s not right! And I know for a fact that this girl doesn’t actually read all the books she reviews. It pissed me off that publishers send books to people like that. Plenty of people would actually read the book and not try to rip people off with the ARC trade later.

I can’t associate with people like that. Just being part of this book club might make someone think that I think that is okay. No. I don’t think it is alright to rip people off. I exited the group right away. Of course, she asked me why I left in a private chat. I confronted her. She called the group that accused her “asshats” and said they all were telling lies. I was like, REALLY? ALL of the are telling lies? No, I don’t think so.

So I broke up with my book club.

I lost my book club and my BEA roommate on the same day. I don’t care. Life is too short to associate with negativity. Like I said in yesterday’s post, I don’t have many friends, but I will never be desperate enough to keep friends like that.

I kept this post a bit anonymous on purpose. I hate to call people out, but if you trade books, you probably already know this girl. I don’t usually trade books, so I didn’t.

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