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This topic was suggested by La La In the Library.

This week we are talking about our favorite household products.

I have to admit I am a sucker for advertising. If I see a commercial for something awesome, I will buy it. I am not very loyal in my brand shopping. Here are things I have bought that actually worked.



These things are like magic! I buy them in a 3 pack and we always have them in the house. (i sometimes use the generic brand and they work just as good) These wipes have helped eliminate the scary sponge used for bathroom cleaning. They also work in the kitchen and dining room. I use them to wipe down counters, table tops, chairs, and stove. I used to use Handy Wipes in the kitchen, but not anymore!



I know what you are thinking? ‘Karen, you don’t have a baby anymore!’ You’re right, I don’t but I still have a use for baby wipes in my house. Baby wipes are pretty inexpensive and they are perfect thing to remove make-up. I refuse to buy make-up remover. A baby wipe does the job just as well. If it is good enough for my newborns private parts, it is good enough for me.


110810 - Tide Ambrosia Product Shot 2

I love pods so much to do laundry. These things have made it easy for my kids to do laundry without overusing soap, or getting power all over the place. I use Tide Pods because they clean better and make my laundry smell good.



I used to have a friend whose husband drove a grease truck. His jeans were always filthy from work, and she said Simple Green helped to get the stains out. My kids are genius at getting weird stains on their clothes. A little spray of simple green and the stains disappear. Simple Green is awesome at removing greasy stains from clothing.



I totally bought this because of the commercial. I bought one for each bathroom. It works.



This stuff is always in my house. I love that this stuff actually freshens up a room. I use it on couches, mattresses and carpet.


My little yorkie is not exactly potty trained. I love this stuff to make that stain go away. It also works on red juice and mysterious black stains, even when your carpet is light beige (like our was at the apartment). This stuff saved me from a huge carpet replacement expense. The stains go away and don’t come back.

Hey, did you notice most of my favorite household products are cleaning products? Four kids make for a messy house. I didn’t include any food products on this list, that would be a huge post. I also didn’t include any beauty products on this list (unless you count the baby wipes), since we have done that before.

What are your favorite household products?

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