HELIA’S SHADOW: PART ONE by K.C. NealHelia's Shadow: Part One by K.C. Neal
Series: The Starlight Age #1
Published by Andara Publishers on November 23, 2014
Pages: 220
Genres: Science Fiction
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Nineteen years ago, aliens arrived on a dying Earth with advanced technology and the promise of ensuring human survival in exchange for a place to settle. They were hailed as the saviors of humans and Earth.

Today, 16-year-old Helia wants two things in life: to step out of her over-protective mother’s shadow and become an engineer, and to stop hiding her romance with alien boy Kalo. But the world definitely isn’t ready for a human-alien romance. And worse, the human-alien partnership is crumbling. Humans are being arrested without explanation. Some of them are never seen again.

When the alien leader imprisons her mother on a false charge, Helia discovers the aliens never intended to help humans at all. Now, she must join forces with alien rebels and convince the young rebel leader that humans aren't expendable. If she succeeds, humans have a chance at survival and she has a chance at love. If she fails, the dwindling human race dies out in slavery.

Reading time 3 mins

I am really excited to be part of the tour for Helia’s Shadow. This book is about humans interacting on the planet with aliens, (which may bring to mind certain other stories I just read) but this one was better. I got completely engrossed in this book and I really enjoyed this read.

So Helia lives in a post apocalyptic world. A nuclear war has almost decimated the earth. A few years after the war aliens land on earth with the promise to share technology and help the earth heal. Humans and aliens co-exist and share in research and technology to survive. Helia is just a normal girl whose single mother is a bit protective of. She had a connection with an alien named Kalo, when she was a six. Her interaction with Kalo in front of everyone made the humans love the aliens. Ten years later, her and Kalo still share a connection, a forbidden affection for each other that no one can know, especially her mother. Earthborn people are starting to be taken and strict curfews are put into place. The aliens aren’t really there to help the humans, they want to enslave them. After Helia’s mother is taken, Kalo saves Helia and they join in the combined rebellion against the leaders.

Okay, so my little synopsis did nothing for this book. That was like an oversimplified version of what happened. It doesn’t tell you that we really get to know Helia before the sh*t hits the fan, or that the world building in this story is easy to imagine. Helia suffers a lot of loss in this story. She is also really smart and enjoys fixing things. Her aspiration to become an engineer is so awesome. It was easy to root for her because she is just a good person. Kalo is a mysterious alien that I really want to learn more about. there was a lot of running around and the scenes change up a bit throughout the story, but the pacing seemed just right for the action. We get to meet a lot of really different characters, some I think will be featured much more in later books. I guess we just have to wait and see.

Being that this is part one, it ends on a cliffhanger. It probably would have been a 5 kiss story for me, but the ending just really left me hanging.

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About the Author

In previous iterations of my professional life, I worked as a bench chemist, a lab equipment tester, a biotech researcher, and a medical writer. Strangely, this sequence has not led to my dream job: drummer in a rock band. But my current gig is pretty sweet.I love colored pens and sticky notes, sunsets and sunrises, digging my fingers into the dirt and nurturing the things that grow in it, and learning anything and everything. I’m a scientist who studies astrology, a go-with-the-flow Type A, and an impatient practitioner of daily meditation. A big bag of contradictions, just like everyone else.


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