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I have to confess I have a problem. I don’t finish a lot of series that I start reading. I mean to, obviously. No one starts a series with the intent of not finishing it.

I started noticing lately that I have some sort of aversion to the end of a series. Like, I have the book and intentionally not read it. True, I have finished a few whole series this year, but that is only because I read the books back to back in a binge. I have noticed that having the book available to me doesn’t even matter lately. I have per-ordered series enders and even been given review copies and yet they sit unread.

It is not just self-pub books or books I heard weren’t that good. I loved the whole series, but didn’t read the finishing book. There are reasons for my avoidance of series enders.

Here are some examples:

Red Rising

I absolutely loved the first two books in this series. I gave them both my highest rating, but I am reluctant to pick up Morning Star for some reason. This is the saddest pre-order sitting on my shelf. Maybe I am just waiting for the author to release something new so I don’t go into a reading slump.

Storm Siren

This is a series I enjoyed for the most part. I think I waited too long for to read Siren’s Song and now I am sure I have forgotten to many details. Or maybe it was because I only gave Siren’s Fury (book 2) 3 stars.

Six of Crows

I loved The Grisha Trilogy, (which i binge read back-to-back), so it stands to reason that I liked Six of Crows as well. I pre-ordered Crooked Kingdom and then it got so much hype I think I got sick of hearing about it.

The Wrath and the Dawn

I loved The Wrath and the Dawn. I probably would have read The Rose and the Dagger because I really wanted to. Then I found out it was only a duology. Now that pre-order sits on my shelf looking pretty and mocking me.

The Chronicles of the Interred

I don’t even know what to say about this. It is an older series that I started and really enjoyed. The author even gave me a copy of the series ender, Alternate, and I still didn’t read it.

The Young Elites

I have no explanation for this one either. I really liked the first two books. I even thought about reading the author’s Legend series. My only hope of finishing that would be to read them all back to back.

The Lunar Chronicles

I read (and loved) this whole series. I won a copy of Stars Above and never read it. To be fair, it is only a novella. It is also suppose to have a wedding in it. I still don’t know who it is that gets married. I’ll probably never find out.

The Remnant Chronicles

I loved these books too. I own The Beauty of Darkness and it is just sitting there unread. Are you starting to see a pattern?


I have bee told that Allegiant was really disappointing. I will probably never know. I didn’t even watch the last movie(s). I just lost interest.

The Historians

I loved Return Once More more than you can imagine. I posted twice about it! Why wouldn’t I read the last book in this duology? I just don’t know.

Probable reasons why I hate series enders:

  • It has been too long since I read the last book. Usually it had been a year and that is too damn long to wait. By the time I get reacquainted with the characters, the story will be over.
  • I heard it wasn’t good. No point in ruining it for me. Those characters had a perfect conclusion in my imagination.
  • I missed the pub date and now everyone has already reviewed it.
  • I don’t want the story to be over. As long as that book sits there unread, I can still go back to that world.
  • I’m afraid I will dislike where my beloved characters end up.
  • I don’t finish things I start. (like, this is something i see myself doing irl. i start something and then don’t follow through. does that make me a terrible person?)
  • I’m lazy.

Am I the only one with this issue? Are any of these series not a complete disappointment/waste of time?


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