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I love Thanksgiving Day! Thanksgiving meal for me means turkey, cranberry, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, and apple pie. My siblings and I were spoiled in our childhood in that we always got two thanksgiving meals. My mother worked every year since she got double time at her job, ($$ for xmas), and we celebrated on Thursday at my grandmother’s house. In typical grandmother fashion, my grandmother was a great cook. I can still remember how good the house smelled all day long as we waited for dinner. On Friday’s we would have turkey at home.

I always make Thanksgiving dinner. One year we went to my brother’s house and I got the day off, but my kids would tell you that I make everything. I am not that much of a cook, but I can make a moist and delicious turkey. Every year since I became a nurse, I work on Thanksgiving. I know that sounds lame, but most jobs require a least one holiday. No way they are getting my Christmas morning with my kids, or my New Years (since I will probably be hungover).

Most years I start the turkey and prep the sides, then go to work. All day long, I call to check that some one is basting the bird and let my daughter know when to heat up the sides. Usually my mother is with on Thanksgiving. She hasn’t been with us since we moved to Connecticut. I miss having her around for Thanksgiving. I know it must be hell for the people in my house, having to smell that thing cooking all day and then wait for me to get home, but it is a small price to pay for turkey dinner. Some how they all manage. This year is going to be a bit different.

This year I am still working on Thanksgiving, but it should be a half day. My daughter has made it known that she doesn’t enjoy making the dinner. That makes me all kinds of sad, but I figured out a way to give her a break this year. This year we are getting a take-out Thanksgiving meal from Cracker Barrel. I hope it doesn’t suck. I have lowered my expectations a lot this year. The truth is that the meal isn’t as important as who will be at the table this year. Beside, I can always make a turkey dinner for Christmas. Hopefully I will still get it off at my new job (that i am really grateful to be getting).

I am so grateful to have all my kids at home, and my husband by my side. Next year my oldest daughter, Belle, will probably be off at school, so this may be the last meal at home of her childhood. No pressure.


How are you celebrating Thanksgiving?

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