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I like the idea of faith during the holidays. Although we have moved away from our religion, we still celebrate something like a Christmas.

This year we are celebrating Xmas. We are pretty far removed from the Christian idea of Christmas in our house. We celebrate “Santa” and family time together. Once upon a time I celebrated the old Pagan way with a tree and heavy emphasis on the Winter Solstice. Christmas has a lot of old Paganism in it. From the yule log to mistletoe to covering things with green and decorating. Then for a few years we were involved in a christian church and became a big christian household. We even had a cake on Christmas to celebrate Jesus’ birth.

Our faith system has evolved to lean more towards science and humanistic beliefs today, so even though we are religion-less, we still celebrate with familiar rituals. We have a tree, ornaments, and mistletoe. Does it seem strange to do all the stuff without the religion? I imagine a lot of people are like us. I often have wondered if people who renounce Judaism still celebrate Hanukkah. Do they?

Anyways, this year we have a tree and stockings that get filled with candy. Andes and Hershey Kisses along with a big Santa and some others. Every year I buy one ornament for each kid. I let them pick their own. Each year the kids pick something that means something to them. I have hot wheel cars, Chewbacca, and a South Park ornament, sitting next to a ballerinas, a shopkin, and barbie on my tree. I think it is fun to see how their tastes have changed and grew over the years. I am hoping they will want to take them with them when they move out so they can always remember their childhood holidays.

I put lights up on the house, mostly for the kids. It is all about the kids. We are going to trek to the mall and visit Santa either today or tomorrow after school. I have to pay way too much for pictures of them with Santa. I let my kids open one present on Xmas eve before going to bed. I will be doing that again this year.

Xmas morning the kids get up at the crack of dawn, wake all their siblings and then open presents. I hate how fast they are opened. I try to stretch it out by making them take turns opening one gift at a time. They don’t like me for that, but it prolongs the empty feeling of having everything opened.

This year I will be making a turkey dinner on Xmas. I didn’t get to make anything for Thanksgiving, so we will get a traditional Thanksgiving meal. My Mom is here this Xmas and she wants to make an apple and a pumpkin pie. My mouth is watering already. So that’s pretty much our Xmas.

How are you celebrating this year?

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