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Gimp is a FREE open source editing program similar to Photoshop.  It has almost unlimited potential for editing images. Get GIMP from the Gimp download site by clicking here.

This is the best and most accurate way of cutting out an image using GIMP that I have found. I have done this tutorial in text and video formats.

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Inside Gimp open a new image area and find and drop your image into Gimp.


Open Toolbox (Tools → New Toolbox)


Resize it inside the area you are working on. (once you hit the resize button you can click anywhere and the grid will open drag image into size you want)


Once it is resized, Move it into the area you are working on.


Select Paths tool.


Click a path around the image you want. (you might want to zoom in for this View → Zoom → 200% -or more).

path select

Connect the path to the first dot by holding Ctrl key on keyboard then click first dot to connect.

Adjust the lines up to picture if you need to by holding Ctrl and using mouse to move lines up to picture.


When you have the lines how you want them, you can now select the path by going to top menu Select → From Path

select from path

Dots will now appear to move.

Then click Select → Invert


Dots will now appear to move around your selected image and the image’s frame.

Then got to top menu, Edit → Cut


Now you should see something like this…

pictureTo make the dots stop moving, go to top menu Select → None.

Then save you picture. You can go to top menu File → Save (name it something). Then go to top menu File → Export As. I convert all my pictures to jpeg before I export them.

Fullscreen capture 9122015 125646 PM



Watch (and thumbs up) the video. It includes everything I detailed above except how to save the picture.

Is there anything you want to see a tutorial done for? Leave a comment and I will tackle it.

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