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I don’t actually like most celebrities. I am not really turned-on by the celebrities themselves. I think they are over paid for what they do, to be quiet honest. I mean, actors lie for a living. It is idiotic to put these people on some pedestal. I definitely don’t want to hear what they “think” about things. I just don’t want to hear what celebrities think. They aren’t paid to think, they are paid to act and “entertain” the masses. I have lost interest in so many actors because of interviews. I can be turned off instantly by one political comment. Like when Matt Damon said that all guns should be taken away from American citizens in “one fail swoop”. Goodbye crush on Matt Damon, you fucking sellout using your celebrity status to push your own agenda….oops, sorry for following a rabbit trail.

What I mean to say is that, I could never see myself with a celebrity. I like the roles they play and like to imagine myself in that life with them. I didn’t even realize I had an actual celebrity crush. If you asked me, I would have said no, I don’t favor this actor above all others. I was in a bit of denial I guess. It wasn’t until My Miguel pointed out how many movies I have with one particular actor, and how much I like to re-watch them, that I realized I might have a celebrity crush. Also, I have never heard anything controversial about him, except maybe that affair(?) with Meg Ryan.

That’s right, my Celebrity Crush is Russel Crowe.


Russel Crowe

Some of my favorite movies with Russel Crowe include:




So who’s your celebrity crush?

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