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Today I want to talk about Financial Freedom. What is it? Financial Freedom is having sufficient wealth without having to ask anyone for money. In my mind Financial Freedom is living without debt, even to a bank for something like a mortgage.

Perks that would come with Financial Freedom:

Having more income then expenses. This is hard because this means a little thing called “living within your means”. Did you ever notice that the more you get, the more you spend? I wish I could break that cycle in my life.

Not having to look at price tags. Imagine shopping anywhere you want, and not worrying about what it costs. That is freedom to me.

Being really generous and not ever expecting/needing to be paid back. That’s a little something called Philanthropy, and I want to do it!

Only carrying around a bank card, because credit cards mean debt. That means not ever having to put gas on a credit card because I ran out of money between pay periods.

Having money come in from more than one resource. This means diversifying my income, and not having all my money come from employment. Already I understand that having money come in from other sources is wonderful. I call it bonus money, but I really couldn’t live without it in my current life. Examples or resources real and imagined for me include; child support, real estate, pension, dividends and interest, tax free veterans disability money, royalties, business profits, and life annuities.

Financial Freedom would be sweet, especially because I know what it means to be poor. I am sure I would appreciate it even more if it came now then if I had it from the start. I know that probably 99% of my readers do not have financial freedom. I wish you did. I wish we all did.

What Does Financial Freedom Look Like To You?

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