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My oldest son, a life long book naysayer, started reading for fun recently. I can’t put enough emphasis on this. MY TEENAGE SON NOW LIKES TO READ BOOKS. This is so big. I feel like I have been trying to get this kid to read something for more than half his life. I started by buying anything he looked at when Scholastic Books Fairs happened when he was in Elementary school. I bought him magazine subscriptions and comic books hoping he would get the hint. I felt like this kid, any kid who doesn’t enjoy reading really, is missing out.

I picked up a book at Book Expo America this year just for him. I found one about a rapper and to my delight, he agreed to “look at it”. A few weeks into school this year, he said he was going to write a report about it. Yay! He was reading it. A few days after he turned in his report, he asked me for some book recommendation.


I almost died right then, but I also panicked a little. Book recommendations are hard sometimes. Give someone a book they hate and you loose their trust forever. No pressure…


I started to give him a bunch of books and then I stopped myself. I asked him what kind of book he really wanted to read. He told me his specific interest, memoirs, and I gave him a few to choose from. My son is now reading his 3rd book of this school year, and it is not because he has to do a report. He told me the book, the reading itself, was fun.

Can you imagine my joy?


I knew right then that I was feeling something a bunch of bookworms could relate to. So here’s my list of things you and I probably feel the same way about…

  • That feeling you get when a non-reader becomes a reader.

  • When your ship is about to kiss for the first time.

  • When you only have 2 chapters left and you panic because ‘no way!’ everything is getting resolved.

  • The panic you feel when someone asks you what your favorite book is. (how to choose just one?)

  • When you meet someone who loves a book you love.

I am sure there are more, but I really just wanted to share how I excited I am for my son.

Can you relate to any of these?

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