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Today we are listing websites we love that have nothing to do with books.


Most of the websites I look at are ALL about books. My whole computer history is FULL of sites that have nothing but books. Well, books and blog tutorials. Seriously, I don’t do much else on here. Okay, I guess there are a few things I do to “get away” from books.


Ah, what a way to loose myself. I almost skip over bookish posts on this social media site because I am just looking for funny videos.


Want to loose yourself? Scroll through the Q & A on this purely Q & A site. I always find something on here to suck me in. I subscribe to the daily emails and they get me every single time.


Yea, I know you can look at book discussions and reviews here, but I usually look at fail videos. I hae to be careful though, or I will loose hours of my life here.


I just like the variety of stories on this site. I don’t usually follow celebrity nonsense, but if it is on Buzzfeed I probably read about it. Maybe.


According to my browser history I also like to sporadically view:

  • the Domino’s Pizza website
  • Bing Images (okay, those are mostly for this bookish website, but it counts)
  • Gimp (to check on email stats for this bookish website)
  • Amazon (it is not always for books, just this week I bought cat supplies for the kitten we are adopting)
  • Etsy and Society6 (okay those are mostly for bookish stuff)
  • Loot Crate (not too many visits, but at least it isn’t bookish. it’s just nerdy)

Okay, honestly those are the primary websites I visit. I did a post a while back about my favorite websites. Most of them are bookish. That is actually more than I thought I would come up with.

What are your favorite non-bookish websites?

Top 10 Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

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