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Beyond the Books is a weekly feature hosted right here at KBK. Beyond the Books is a weekly writing prompt where I throw out a topic (mostly non-bookish), and you guys blog about it. Come back here and share the link to your blog post, and we all have fun learning about each other. For more information and future topics click here.

Today we are promoting a few blogs we like

I have talked before about why I subscribe to blogs. I am a big fan of blogs, so I subscribe to a bunch of them. Blogging is hard work, I know. I can relate to bloggers writing their hearts out. When you have a blog that is both aesthetically pleasing and full of great content it deserves to be recognized. I reward awesome bloggers by commenting and subscribing, (i’d pay you, but we haven’t hit the lottery yet).

It is hard to not mention every blog I subscribe to here. All the blogs I subscribe to are worth mentioning. So I am not even trying to play favorites. I should just direct you over to my blogroll page. I just updated it yesterday. Since I have to narrow it down, I chose 5 blogs off the top of my head that I really .



Star-Crossed Book Blog is run by 4 women: Jen, Chelsea (Peril Please), Anna, and Laura. This is a blog I recently discovered. I am not even sure how I found it, but you can bet it had something to with my recent quest for 365 new blogs to comment on. I subscribed to this blog right away. Here are my reasons:

  • The graphics look cool (i’m shallow, what can i say?)
  • It is easy to navigate
  • Snarky reviews
  • More than one genre
  • Loads of giveaways
  • 4 women run this blog and it has a kickass girls vibe to it

paper bindings

Paper Bindings is run by Carrie. She has Obikitty, Tisha, and Tracy contributing to this site. I also found in my quest for 365 new blogs this year. Once again, I subscribed right away. This is relatively new blog, but Carrie has been a book blogger since 2012. Here are the reasons I love this site:

  • Smooth graphics
  • Easy to navigate
  • Carrie responds to every comment, or at least she responded to mine
  • They have a relateable DNF policy
  • Loads of reviews where everyone contributes. I especially like the movie version of books reviews


(un)Conventional Book Reviews is run by Lexxie. I noticed this blog because she is running the 2016 New Release Challenge. I subscribed because she has a really cute pup named Freddy. Just kidding! Here is why I really subscribed:

  • Lovely graphics
  • Easy to navigate (it is even easy to find that new release challenge link up)
  • Lots of genre variety
  • Lexxie lives in Switzerland, so her current events are always interesting
  • Lexxie responds to comments at lightning speed (like a ninja!)

A Fool’s Ingenuity

A Fool’s Ingenuity is run by Becky. Once again, I discovered this site on my 365 comment challenge. This blog has been around since 2014, but I recently subscribed. Here are my reasons:

  • Easy to navigate
  • All YA, all the time (so i know what to expect)
  • Becky is also a commenting back ninja
  • Becky reads new releases and backlist books (i ♥ that)


Feed Your Fiction Addiction is run by Nicole. I have been a stalker fan of FYFA since I first started blogging. Nicole has a ton of things going on, but she still finds time to run cool blogging round ups and post tons of discussions. I would call her the discussion queen if I thought it wouldn’t offend anyone. Here are all the reasons I love FYFA:

  • Cool graphics
  • Easy to navigate
  • Honest Discussions
  • Nicole’s site has a really positive vibe to it
  • She keeps track of other bloggers birthdays and blogoversaries (that just proves she is really sweet)
  • Mostly YA, some MG reviews

So that’s just a few blogs I wanted to promote. Actually, I wanna talk about ALL the blogs I love, but I am sure you get the idea. Please stop by my Blogroll/People I Stalk page for even more awesome blogs.

What are your favorite blogs?


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