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confabulateI recently found two new blogs to follow. I know this might not sound like big news, but to me it is huge. I have strong opinions about blogs even though I follow a bunch on Bloglovin, only a select few get an email subscription. The reasons for this are simple, I don’t want to get updates from every single blog. Some blogs are only Bloglovin worthy. Here is my criteria:

What I hate to see on a blog.

A bunch of cover reveal posts.

WHYI am not interested in cover reveals. Those posts are so boring! Why do I need to know what the next indie author’s cover looks like. Why would you promote something when you haven’t even read it yet? I am not convinced it is going to be that great because it is yet to be released.

Every book reviewed is about the same thing.

boredbeanI need diversity! I want to follow you if you read books that I might read as well. My tastes vary and I know that some people love the same type books, but that isn’t me. If I see every book is contemporary romance I am leaving.

The site hurts my eyes.

tumblr_inline_mkc7nuu25g1riho49Even if your content is the best, I won’t be subscribing because you are writing white on a black background, or your graphics are all over the place, or it is hard to read your font. Do you read your blog? You should look at it and see if it looks good. If the graphics don’t match, fix them. My OCD can’t stand it!

What I love to see on a blog.

You are not afraid to say you don’t like something.

be-braveNot every book should be 5 stars (or five plus one if you are a certain blogger i know). This is cowardous. Tell me what you really think! Just because it is for a tour doesn’t mean you have to gush about it. Some books are just meh, and that is okay. If your opinion is not in the majority it make take bravery, but you may find you are not alone if you put your thoughts out there.

Your graphics make me jealous.

dumb-and-dumber-i-like-it-alotI am a bit vein, so I want to hang out with the beautiful people. I want to see a blog that is aesthetically pleasing and has great content. This part really separates the good from the just okay in my opinion. I make all my own graphics, so I know the work that goes into them. I love a blog with a unique layout and cool graphics. Anyone can learn to make pretty graphics with practice (and youtube tutorials). If you are not willing to do that, pay someone.

You take your blog seriously.

tumblr_inline_nndbf4hoQr1tt3ylu_500I don’t know if I want to commit to you, if you don’t commit to blogging. You want your words taken seriously, but you are not even willing to pay $10 a month for hosting. That’s ridiculous! Invest in your blog, take it seriously. This is my hobby, but I invested in it. I am not on a free site, I pay for hosting. I know it is a big step, but a necessary one in my opinion.

You talk about yourself a lot.

i_like_youYour blog makes me feel like I know you. You don’t just post reviews, I learn about your likes, dislikes, neuroses, and obsessions. You admit you are not perfect, or you boast about why you are. You admit buying way too many books or being a penny pincher. I may not know your name, but you blog posts tell me about the real you.

 I know this isn’t every reason to like or dislike a blog. I like to have something in common with the blogger, but that isn’t set in stone. I follow some bloggers that are in high school, so obviously I don’t have much in common with them personally, but they talk about books I like. I like to see humor in a review post, but I think honesty is more important. (i am not that witty, so i don’t expect every review post on a site to be either).

I want to hear from you! What are some of your likes and dislikes in blogs? What makes you email follow a site?

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