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Last month I took a survey and family reading habits, and education. I am a bit late posting the results. I woke up this morning and realized it is almost May. I am sure those of you that took the survey have completely forgotten the questions. So, I do a recap with the results…

What is the highest level of education you have completed?

[progress_round color=”#000000″ title=”Did Not Graduate” delay=”0″] [progress_round color=”#000000″ title=”High School Graduate” progress=”4″ delay=”5″] [progress_round color=”#000000″ title=”1 Year of College” progress=”27″ delay=”6″] [progress_round color=”#000000″ title=”AA or AS Degree” progress=”18″ delay=”5″] [progress_round color=”#AF1717″ title=”Bachelor’s Degree” progress=”32″ delay=”5″] [progress_round color=”#000000″ title=”Master’s or More” progress=”14″ delay=”5″] [progress_round color=”#000000″ title=”Still in College” progress=”4″ delay=”5″]


I am not the least surprised that us readers are also scholars. (There is so much reading required for education that it is no wonder)


What genre do you read primarily?

[progress_round color=”#000000″ title=”YA Mostly” progress=”32″ delay=”5″] [progress_round color=”#AF1717″ title=”Adult Fiction” progress=”77″ delay=”5″] [progress_round color=”#000000″ title=”Non-Fiction” progress=”14″ delay=”5″]


Really? This shocked me. I see much more YA fiction being discussed. Maybe those people don’t like surveys?


Tell me about your childhood….

[progress3 style=”danger” title=”I grew up in a library!” progress=”50″ show=”on”] [progress2 style=”normal” title=”I saw my parents reading from time to time” progress=”18″ show=”on”] [progress2 style=”normal” title=”My parents only read the TV guide ” progress=”9″ show=”on”] [progress2 style=”normal” title=”Other (please specify) ” progress=”23″ show=”on”]


I wanted to see if the environment people grew up had an impact on their reading habits as adults, or if it was something that happened as a result of their education. Those of you that grew up in a library… looks like you were the ones who came out on top.

Here are the “other” responses:

[notification type=”message”] Parents uneducated and stupid. Non readers and abusive. Books & TV were my friends. Read constantly, not kids books other than Nancy Drew & BBC, which I’d finished by age 7… then onto Stephen King & RBP. [/notification] [notification type=”info”]My dad doesn’t read but my mom started reading Tolkien to me in first grade[/notification] [notification type=”message”] I never saw my mom read much. But she would take me to library to get books. My grandma got me to read. [/notification] [notification type=”info”]I was encouraged to read, and my mom read to me when I younger, a lot!  [/notification] [notification type=”message”]My parents read with me from the time I was a baby  [/notification]


Do you have any children under 18 living with you?

[progress3 style=”success” title=”Yes” progress=”73″ show=”on”] [progress3 style=”warning” title=”No” progress=”27″ show=”on”]


I was thinking maybe having kids encouraged people to read, maybe by reading to the kids. I don’t know.  Oh, I would also like to point out that 27% of you probably have more money than me. all. the. time. Hey jealousy! Children, especially mine, are so expensive!


Additional Comments Submitted by Surveyees Those Surveyed

My parents are readers, their parents were readers. I never stood a chance. I read a book a day and have since age 10 or so. My son is only 6 but he’s got the bug too. My husband comes from readers but he rarely reads anything other than technical stuff for work.

I do read more than anyone I know. I do hate surveys but felt like helping out and this one was short & sweet.

I am also a writer, so reading is part of the job description. Can’t *not* read!

I am the only reader out of my friends. My son doesn’t like to read but I think my 2 year old may like it. 🙂

Now that we’re all adults, we’ve started a family book club that “meets” when we’re all together for holidays. Fun! And wine!

Read about 4-300 page books a week.

Oh yes, I read the most out of everyone I know lol

It’s hard to get my children to read. My 12 year old is getting better about reading but my 9 year old could care less.

My 11 year old reads 3-4 books a month. He reads a lot for his age.

I read more than anyone I know and my 15 year old is following in my footsteps. She doesn’t leave the house without a book.

All of my children read for at least 30-60 minutes a day, and I read for a few hours a day. We’re a reading family 🙂

Living alone, there are so many days that I can easily just shirk chores and errands and I’ll read for twelve straight hours.

I’m the biggest reader in my family and IRL friends circle (besides other bloggers I know personally). I grew up mostly poor so books were my entertainment.

No siblings. I do read more than most of my friends. 🙂 I’ve always been a book nerd!

My dad and stepmom read a lot, I grew up with them. My sisters, I have four, and mom don’t read very often. My husband and I read all the time, and so our four year old sees reading as a reward. Mwahaha

Dad read to me every night as a kid, didn’t stop until I was 12-ish and he re-married. That helps a lot with a love of reading I would think. I used to read to my niece when we lived near each other. My step-sis reads to her kids, but not every night, she’s more of a “turn on the TV” kind of mom. My niece is addicted to reading, not sure if she gets it from Dad and I, or just because. I know it’s not from my step-sis, she doesn’t read all that much.

I grew up with parents who were always reading something (usually sci-fi or mystery). My mom NEVER watched TV, where my dad only watched news, political shows and sports. I have a learning disability so reading was a challenge growing up and I developed an anxiety to it. Eventually in my early 20’s I voluntarily began reading, but only lightly. At 40 I finally became a constant reader like my parents, though I prefer Romance and Historical Fiction.

I LOVE to read, but my brother barely reads at all (but he did struggle with some learning disorders growing up, which I’m sure affected that).

Thanks to everyone who completed the survey. The results confirmed for me that reading in the house counts, but that there is still hope for those of us who didn’t grow up in a library.

Also, readers are smarter than non-readers *wink* (Okay, I didn’t really prove that, but the fact that almost everyone who answered this survey had a degree beyond high school or was still in school says something to me).

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