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I don’t usually write spoilers. I dislike getting things spoiled before I read something. I find it really difficult to write a review without a bit of a spoiler, but I manage to do it.  I keep thinking, as I write my review, that I am talking to people who haven’t read the book. I don’t want to be the one to give the twist away.

When writing a negative review, I feel like I need to defend myself. Sometimes it is just easier to do this with a spoiler. I do not, and will not, write whole reviews that end up being spoilers. It is really frustrating to see a bunch of reviews for a book on Goodreads, and half of them say This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. (I kiiilll you!) I want to read them. Especially because most of the spoiler reviews are the negative one. I want to read those reviews.

I recently did a review, and in it it contained a sentence that was a spoiler. On my site and on Goodreads, it is easy to hide it. What about Amazon reviews? I have read a few that ended up being spoilers, I just hate that shit. At least put some verbiage up warning a person, so you don’t spoil the surprise! I don’t mind after I have read the book. I will just omit that sentence when I post my review on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The review is still good without the spoiler and can stand on it’s own. What could I do if the whole review was a spoiler, not post it to the major retailers?

By not posting to major retailer, I feel like then I am doing the potential readers a disservice. Not to mention the publishers, who more than likely sent this book to me for review. My negative (1-3 star) reviews get more attention. Not that 3 stars is negative, It just means I saw some room for improvement in this book. But I digress…

I know publishers realize a well written review (even a negative one) draws attention. It seems to me that as a reviewer, we should be able to review the book without giving up all the surprises.

So how do you feel about spoilers?

Do you write them? Do you read them before reading a book?

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