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I want to talk about giveaways. We love them, we hate them. We can’t help ourselves. Having a blog means we have to deal with them no matter what we feel about it.

Personally, I love a good giveaway. I love finding giveaways on blogs I follow. If the prize is good I almost always enter. I have always been a fan of giveaways for my site as well. In the past I have felt like, if given the choice, I would rather give it away then review it. Why? Because I want to offer the reader more than just my opinion, I want to give them something tangible. Believe it or not, I have discovered new blogs by searching for giveaways. If I know a new book is coming out that I have coveted, I search for blogs talking about it. I have found three new blogs in the past few months that had giveaways I entered and subscribed to gain an entry. I might not have won the books but I found a new blog to read.

I have a few hangups about giveaways, maybe you can relate:

  • People cheat! What the hell? They subscribed and then unsubscribed? The enter using different names, but the same IP address. The copy and paste the same tweet to get extra entries. Really? That is just low class. I hate cheaters.
  • Although it may encourage people to visit my site, I feel like some only come to enter the giveaways. This actually sways my stats so I can’t see what people are really reading on my site.
  • I don’t get many entries. This might just be the way I set them up, or the requirements for entries. I find that most giveaways have only a few people that enter daily, making it between about 7 legit people for a winner.

Some of the things that actually discourage me from entering contests:

  • Too many options for entries. Really I can get 120 entries today for liking and Facebook following 40 blogs and 50 authors at one entry a piece? I don’t usually do every entry option, but I see everyone else did. No, just no. I hate to see those contests.
  • Over 5,000 entries already and it ends in 20 days.  This contest will probably not be worth my time. I just feel like the odds are not in my favor at this point. I like a short giveaway with less than 500 entries.

Also, and this is just a random thing about giveaways; It kills me to see people who enter every single contest. Contest sluts! They have no loyalty to the blogs that host the contests. They enter everywhere. Like their own twitter timeline is nothing but contest entries.

I always want more people to participate in my contests, but it would be nice if people had more interest in the prize itself or even maybe my blog. Is that too much to ask?

Okay, I think that about covers my pet peeves about giveaways. Tell me what bothers you about giveaways, or what you like about them.

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