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I got 99 problems and finding time is just 1. I live in the red. Yesterday was a particularly grueling day for errands. I only got about 15 minutes in reading. I felt so, so… disconnected. I read every single day, even when I am on vacation. Not because I have to, but because I really want to. I am just a bit behind on everything, rushing around.

I used to work full time, commute over an hour in the afternoon, and then take care of a full house with 4 kids and my Mom. Somehow I still found time to read and blog. I lost a lot of sleep, admittedly. I thought life would be so simple once we moved. Miguel envisioned me working once we got to Connecticut, but I had other plans. I wanted to spend my days getting my beautiful babies up, escorting them to school, being the perfect housewife, blogging, reading, and then writing that book I haven’t had time for. I was so delusional.

Reality is not that perfect. First of all, my youngest child only goes to school for 2.5 hours a day. Also, I have to take these little darlings to the bus stop and waiting with them, then wait at the bus stop to pick them up. It is really cold, so getting ready takes longer, (this is my biggest pet peeve so far about living in the frozen north. There is a lot of gear required). I imaged having them all take the bus would be great. It isn’t. I swear once a week I am driving one of them to school because they missed the bus. Also, I no longer have a yard, so now I walk my little Buster….like 6 times a day. With only 2.5 hours childless, I spend that time running errands to spare my 5 year old from boredom. I am ashamed to say I haven’t even carved out time to workout. That book may never get written! *headdesk*

Somehow, I always find time to read. I never thought I was a fast reader. I can easily block out distractions, though. I think it comes with the territory when you have kids and want to get anything done. I listen to a lot of books on my kindle when I try to clean the house or am running errands (yes, that includes walking the dog). I use text to speech. I know all about audiobooks, but I listen at an increased speed so the narrator doesn’t really matter. I sneak in reading while I am waiting on my kindle, on the kindle app on my phone, whipping my book out whenever there is a still moment. Just one more chapter and then I will get back to doing.

My view on time is that we all have 24 hours in the day. I try not to waste any of it. Sometimes I fail miserably. Living in the red has taught me to do a few things at once and make a list so I don’t get overwhelmed. Here are some of my goals for finding more time:

  • Make a schedule, even for days when schools are delayed, (that has happened three friggin times in the last month and threw my whole day off).
  • Less facebook, more twitter.
  • DNF once in a while, instead or trudging through a book I hate.
  • Vlog more instead of writing things out.

I have realized I really need a schedule,  I need to be realistic. I need to write out my goals, especially when it comes to writing and getting fit.

How do you find time?


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