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Hi everyone! Today I want to talk about reading habits. I realize most of you are readers. For most of us, we love books and we don’t care what the world thinks. Some teenagers love to read, did most of them glean that from their parents? Some of us grew up in homes that encouraged us to read, some of us, didn’t. Maybe some people inherit their love of reading. I wonder if education plays a role in reading habits. I have a quick 5 question survey and I want to hear about YOU.

Our lives are full of stress and demands, so we read to escape. I know I read to escape the daily grind. When I am looking at blogs, booktube, and reviews on goodreads, I wonder about the readers themselves. What causes some of us to become reading fanatics?

A little bit about me-

Growing up– I liked to read even though no one living in my house was a reader. We didn’t have a book shelf, we had a movie shelf. I have been a bit of a nerd my whole life, and boy did I get teased by my siblings about it. I was a reader from my teens into adulthood.

Children- I have four kids. I think having kids just made me want to read more. I don’t remember reading too much fiction when my older kids were very small. I read a lot of education books about parenting and such. With my younger two I read a lot more fiction. I have a lot of books in my house and my kids see me reading all the time. They have pretty big collection of age appropriate books, as well. Thanks to my teenager, I have a plethora of YA books and an excuse to buy them in print. Not that that is the only reason why I would read YA. (I read a lot of YA because I like it). I enjoy reading a lot of different genres, including non-fiction.

Education- As far as education, no one in my family has ever graduated college, except me. I was the very first one. I have a GED because I dropped out of high school. I have an AS degree, and technical certificates in EMT-B, CNA & Practical Nursing.


I know I could have done better, been more successful, and been more well read with a little more encouragement. It is what it is, but I hope it would be better for my children. I am proof it doesn’t matter where you came from to become a reader. I do wonder what becomes of the children growing up surrounded by books. Does it make a difference in their reading habits as adults?

This is just a five question survey. It will take you less than a minute to complete. This will at least give me a good idea about you dear blog reader, anonymously of course. I would also love to hear your thoughts about this. Leave me a comments with your thoughts. and please fill out this anonymous survey. I will post the results at some point.

Do you think family habits, education, or having children factors into your reading habits?


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