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So COYER Summer Reading is over and Summer is as well here in Connecticut. The weather has turned and there are no 80º days left for us in 2017.

I had hoped to read 30 books for COYER. Of course I added even more to that list with every 5 books I did read. I ended up with 38 books on my COYER TBR and completed only 22. That is only 58%. I am a bit disappointed but I did get a lot of backlist books read, so there’s that.

Books I Read for COYER

Looking at this list I know I never got credit for a few of them towards the giveaway, because I am so well organized (well, laugh!). Some I forgot to even add to my own list for the COYER challenge.

I am glad to say this challenge not only got me reading backlist books, but it also got me reading whole series’ of backlist books. I read the whole Penryn and the End of Days, the duology for Seven Black Diamonds, and started on The Passage series (I am currently on book 2). If I would have been caught up on reviews I would have had 1 more books to add to this list, LIE TO ME. I might have also added THIS DARKNESS MINE to both the TBR for COYER and been more in a rush to review it since I finished reading that last week. Oh well!

I am sad that COYER is over. I am also sad that summer is over. 58% is better than nothing right?

Did you participate in COYER? How did you do?

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